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19 Shooting Techniques in Photography


Timesofummah.com19 Shooting Techniques in Photography. The technique of taking pictures is an important thing to get a good photo or video. Having a good and interesting photo or video is certainly the desire of everyone. Not only for personal interests such as to look cool, but good photos and videos become a demand in completing tasks or work. In taking a good photo or video, of course, we can’t just snap it at random.

Taking photos or videos also requires preparation. Preparation for taking photos or making videos includes knowledge and skills related to shooting. In the world of photography, there are techniques that can be learned and applied so that you can produce images that not only look good, but also look professional.

The use of techniques in shooting is considered very important, because this technique will determine the focus and a number of other things you want to take. Therefore, in taking a picture, it is necessary to take into account the angle of the picture. To be able to take that into account, you need to use the right technique.

Using the right techniques, you’ll be able to produce great, professional photos or videos, no matter what type of camera you use. Do you want to learn shooting techniques? If so, read the explanation below until it’s finished, OK!

Understanding of Image Capture Techniques


Before going into the discussion of various shooting techniques, it helps us to know what is meant by shooting techniques. Whether in photography or videography, there are many creative ways to get your camera’s focus on the desired object. For example, by photographing a model from above an object based on spontaneity, namely the existence of an interesting point of view if the image is taken from above.

Shooting techniques are also needed, because the height of an object will make us have to take pictures from a certain height. Different types of shots from different angles convey certain emotions and meanings differently. Therefore, different shooting techniques can be adapted to the purpose of the shooting.

Below we will explain some of the common shooting techniques used to take photos or videos, which of course you can learn and apply easily. This technique is categorized by image size and by angle of shooting.

Image Capture Techniques Based on Image Size


1. Extreme Close Up (ECU) Shooting Technique

This technique is a technique of taking from a very close distance. The extreme close up technique is usually used with the aim of taking pictures of objects that are certain parts in a centralized and very clear way.

For example, you only want to show the eyes and nose more clearly. The focus of this technique shot is of course very close and very detailed, so if you want to use extreme close up shooting techniques, then you should use a micro lens to get clear detail, as you want.

2. Big Close Up (BCU) Shooting Technique

The big close up technique can be used for those of you who like to take pictures that are only focused on the face. The big close up technique is a technique that will only take certain parts of the face in detail.

You don’t have to worry about whether the face will be cut out of the frame or not. This technique is very suitable if you want to take pictures or with more dramatic results. For example, to show the expression of the model, or the details on the model’s face such as the make-up display.

3. Close Up Image Capturing (CU) Technique

The next technique is close up. The close up technique is a shooting technique that will display the results of a much closer image. If the object is a human, then the results that will be obtained are only the shoulders to the top of the head.

This close up technique itself can help to show a character’s identity through someone’s facial expressions. This technique is very suitable to use if you want the face of the object to appear clearer.

4. Medium Close Up (MCU) Shooting Techniques

The medium close up technique is a shooting technique which is a combination of the close up technique with the medium shot. The results of the images taken with this technique will be much more detailed than the medium shot, but will not be as detailed as the close up images.

This technique is commonly used when the purpose of taking pictures is to emphasize a person’s profile picture. In human objects, shooting with this technique is only from the chest to the top of the head. To use this technique, you must use a camera shot with a medium distance or not too far away, but with a narrower section.

5. Medium Shot (MS) Image Capturing Techniques

Medium shot is a shooting technique that will only take some parts of the object, or in other words, it does not take the entire object. This technique is usually done to display the figure of a person clearly.

For example, if the object of the photo is a human, then this technique will only take pictures from the waist to the top of the head. The function of the medium shot technique itself is so that the photos or videos do not focus too much on the area around the object and display more details of body parts.

6. Medium Long Shot Shooting Technique

The medium long shot technique is almost the same as the medium shot, but the scope of the resulting image is wider. If you only want to take half of the object, then you can use this medium long shot technique.

The medium long shot technique is a slightly narrower shooting technique. If the object of the photo is a human, then you will only take the knee to the top of the head. This technique serves to emphasize an object activity.

7. Long Shot Teknik

The next technique is the long shot technique. The long shot technique is a shooting technique from a long distance, which can show a few to many people throughout the body in the same 1 frame.

The long shot technique will produce an image display that focuses on the object of the photo, while the area around the object is only displayed slightly. The long shot technique serves to convey an interaction between the object and the area around the object.

8. Extreme Long Shot

The extreme long shot technique is almost the same as the long shot technique, but the extreme long shot technique is used to take pictures that cover a much wider area. This technique will display the area around the object with a wider or very wide area.

The extreme long shot technique is usually used when you want to display the entire area around the object. For example, to display natural scenery that becomes the background of the object. To use this technique, you need to determine the right composition, so that the main object of the image can blend in with the surrounding area.

9. Camera Shot

The camera shot technique is a technique used when taking pictures which is determined by the distance between the camera and the intended object. This technique serves to produce detailed and perfect images of an object, whether the object is a human or a wide natural landscape.

This technique is very dependent on the distance of the camera coverage. Therefore, you need to adjust the distance of your camera, the farther the distance from the camera to the object, the wider the area around the object that will enter the frame. On the other hand, the closer the camera is to the object, the smaller the object that will fit into the frame.

10. One Shot (1S)

One shot technique is a retrieval technique to display only one object.

11. Two Shot (2S)

This technique is wider in scope than the one shot technique. The two shot technique will show the scene of two objects involved in the conversation.

12. Group Shot (GS)

As the name implies, the group shot technique will take pictures of objects in the form of a group of people. For example, such as crowds of people, troop groups, and so on.

Well, that’s Grameds, an explanation of the technique for taking pictures based on size. Pretty easy to understand right? Furthermore, below will be explained the technique of taking based on the angle of shooting.

Image Capturing Techniques Based on the Angle of Image Capture (Angle)

13. Frog Eye

The frog eye technique is a retrieval technique in which the camera position is aligned with the base or the bottom of the object, and its position is lower than the bottom of the object. The results of images taken with this technique will be very large. The subject who takes the picture seems very small and the object of the picture has the impression of being big, sturdy, or haughty.

14. Over Shoulder

The over-shoulder technique will take pictures from behind the object’s shoulder. As a result, the object will only appear on the shoulder or head. This technique is commonly used to indicate that the object is looking at something or is chatting.

15. Low Angle

As the name implies, the low angle technique is carried out from the bottom corner of the object, thus giving the impression of a larger object.

16. High Angle

The opposite of a low angle, a high angle technique will take pictures from an angle above the object. As a result, the object will become smaller. The results of the image taken from a high angle will give a dramatic impression and the impression of dwarfism.

17. Eye Level

Eye level technique is a technique with a position that is parallel to the object. By using this eye level technique, the resulting image will show the eye view of people standing parallel to the object. The height and size of the object will suit the subject, so this technique is commonly referred to as a normal shot.

18. Bird Eyes

The bird eye technique is a technique by positioning the cameraman above a height such as the point of view of a bird in flight. The resulting image will appear to show the surrounding environment more broadly and other objects around the object will appear in a smaller size.

19. Slanted

This technique uses an angle that is not frontal from the front or from the side of the object. However, this technique will take a 45 degree angle to the object. As a result, another object will be included in the captured frame.

This is an explanation of the shooting technique based on the size of the image and based on the angle of the image. Hopefully this article can help you to learn shooting techniques, so you can take good photos or videos, according to your wishes. For those of you who want to learn more about photography, you can read various books available at As #Friends without Limits, we are always ready to provide the most complete information for those of you who want to increase knowledge.

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