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5 Rarely Known Facts about the Penis

5 Rarely Known Facts about the Penis – 5 Rarely Known Facts about the Penis. The penis is a male sex organ that is located outside the body. Even though it is an external organ, the penis is a vital organ that steals enough attention.

The reason is, this vital organ of Adam’s pride holds a myriad of mysteries. Summarized from various sources, here are some interesting facts about the penis.

1. The average length of the penis can reach 12.9 cm when erect

According to a 1996 study as reported by Medical News Today, the length of the erect penis can reach 12.9 centimeters (cm). However, there are also some men who have a penis length of up to 15 cm when their penis is tense. Meanwhile, under normal circumstances or without an erection, the average length of a man’s penis is around 8.8 cm.

The study also concluded that there is no correlation between penis size before and when an erection occurs. In that sense, the penis may be a different length before an erection, but it can be the same length when it occurs. In addition, no association was found between age and penis size. So, get rid of that feeling of not being in your PD, OK?

2. The penis likes erections in the morning

For teenagers who have just entered puberty, they may be a little surprised to find an erect penis in the morning. Reported by Medical News Today, it is normal to have an erection in the morning. A penis that has an erection in the morning is known as nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT).

The erection experienced by men in the morning is a natural and healthy condition. Penis enlargement is not the result of sexual arousal or wet dreams, but rather it is a normal function that occurs in the male reproductive system.

3. The penis is similar to the clitoris

Did you know that the penis actually has a resemblance to the clitoris, which is the organ in the female genital area. This started when a man was still in the mother’s womb, the fetus already had a clitoris. Increasingly developed, with the hormone testosterone, eventually changing shape into a complete penis.

Reported by Teen Vogue, the anatomy of the clitoris is very similar to the penis, that is, they both have glands, foreskin, and shaft. The tip of the clitoris looks like the head of the penis, except that it is very small. Just like the penis, the clitoris can also stretch and enlarge when a woman is aroused.

4. Smoking habits make it difficult for the penis to get an erection

Smoking habits besides having an effect on the lungs and heart, the effect is also felt on the penis. The reason is, smoking can affect blood vessels. Blood flow becomes not smooth, so that the male strength becomes reduced or it is difficult to achieve an erection.

Even the male reproductive organs can become shorter when erect. Not a few men who complain that the length of his penis is reduced during erection due to smoking habits. When you stop smoking, penis size can return to normal.

5. Two types of penis based on erection

As explained on the Healthline page, penises are divided into two types based on their erections. The grower type is a penis that looks small under normal conditions. However, when experiencing an erection, the male penis of the grower type will stretch to become bigger and longer.

Meanwhile, the shower type penis looks large under normal conditions, tends to hang long even when you’re not having an erection. However, this shower type penis will not get bigger or longer when erect. If it is stretched, it is usually not much different from the condition of the penis that is not tense.

Interesting enough, isn’t this information about Mr P? Which facts about the penis did you just know?

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