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5 reasons promotions fail to attract buyers, have you given discounts? – 5 reasons promotions fail to attract buyers, have you given discounts?. Promotion needs to be done to introduce products to increase sales. For those who have a business, you must regularly promote so that your product is increasingly known and in demand.

However, not all promotional efforts will be successful. You need to check whether your way of promoting is right or not.

If you’ve been promoting aggressively but with no significant results, maybe these five reasons your campaign failed to attract buyers. Have you given a discount?

5 reasons promotions fail to attract buyers, have you given discounts?

1. No promo price

For potential buyers, promotions without giving special prices will taste like vegetables without salt. So, don’t be too stingy to give discounts during the promotional period. If the price is a little less than normal standards, people will be interested to try.

After the promotion period is over and the price returns to the original price, those who match your product will definitely still buy it. The point is, potential buyers don’t want to lose by spending a lot of money on a product they don’t know about.

2. No availability of experimental samples

Important samples are held so that potential buyers can try your product first before deciding to buy it. Products that are promoted with samples are, for example, food, beverage, perfume, and skin care products.

If potential buyers can try it in person, they will be more confident in making a decision to buy or not. Don’t be afraid buyers are just busy trying and not buying. People who don’t buy today can only buy at another time when they really need it.

3. Don’t you dare give a guarantee

Providing a guarantee is a sign that you dare to guarantee the quality of the products sold. You also have a good service system, so you are ready to receive complaints from buyers at any time.

Without a warranty, potential buyers worry that your product is easily damaged or that you accidentally shipped items that were disabled in online sales. Of course you don’t want buyers to speculate like that, do you?

There are various forms of warranty that you can provide, such as free service if the product is damaged within a certain time after purchase. Can also replace the product received by the buyer in a defective condition with a new product. Or, money back if the product sent does not match the order.

4. Engaging the wrong people in offline promotion

The difference is that promoting a product online versus offline is who is the most influential factor. While online promotional materials can be prepared to the fullest behind the scenes, offline promotions are always full of surprises.

Potential buyers can be less friendly or too critical of the explanations given. If you deploy people who are nervous, communicate poorly, or quickly lose their temper, the promotion will certainly not achieve your goals.

5. Promoted products have less advantages

Although the price has been discounted during the promotional period, if your product is not good, it is the same. People will definitely immediately compare the products you offer with similar products.

With your product priced the same or even less, people are likely to still trust more of the product they’ve known for a long time. Therefore, your product should offer more advantages than similar products. Innovation is important to do.

You need to understand, to achieve the expected target, promotion needs to be done continuously. Don’t imagine today’s promotions and tomorrow’s your products sell well. Continue to do attractive promotions so that your product sticks in the memory of potential buyers.

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