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5 Recommended Apps To Help You Manage Your Schedule

Timesofummah.comToday’s technological developments are increasingly making human life easier, for example with the presence of smartphones. Smartphones are mobile phones that provide advanced features that can access applications that support people’s needs, such as: e-mail (electronic mail), the internet, the ability to read electronic books (e-books), games, various services, marketplaces and many more.

The use of smartphones should be utilized as much as possible to facilitate our activities. For students, there are many things that can be used from smartphones that can help learning activities.

For example, downloading online learning applications, working on questions at, making artwork in drawing applications, editing videos, and managing study schedules. Find out how in the Android-Based Gadget Optimization Tips book.

This time, Eduteam will recommend applications that  can use to schedule  daily activities. Hmm, what kind of applications are there, let’s see the article!

Life Reminders is an app that has a four-star rating with 32,315 users. Pretty simple reminder. This application is equipped with a deadline reminder feature that can remind  to do assignments when the schedule is in progress.  can even arrange phone calls or send messages on a scheduled basis.

5 Recommended Apps To Help You Manage Your Schedule

Ike To Do List

Ike To Do List is a unique reminder app. The Ike To Do List uses President Eisenhower’s priority matrix.  can include various reminders or tasks and enter their level of importance. This application will sort out which activities are the most important and are the top priority. This application is also equipped with reminders, by date, images, sounds, notes, widgets, and so on. Ike To Do List is quite complete and meets the standards of a reminder application.

Google Keep

This app from Google can alert in two ways: by time or by location. The trick, just selects the remember button when it’s finished taking notes. Google Keep will notify you when it is near the specified location or specified time. In addition, Google Keep offers a variety of features that make it easy for  to take notes. Starting from taking notes by voice, extracting text from images, sending notes to Google Docs, to sharing other notes.

Calendar Notification

Calendar Notify is a four-star rated calendar app with 3,547 users. The app syncs with Google Calendar, so can use both if needed. This app provides a quick scan of the user’s agenda and schedule. In addition, can also enjoy customizable widgets. This app is simple and easy to use, making it a good choice for a reminder app for android.


Rembo is a bot-based reminder application. This bot will call when the specified time comes. Actually, this application is not that far from other reminder applications, but it never hurts to try this one application if wants to feel the sensation of a reminder application that is different from the others. This application is also free, so does not need to be confused to try this application.

Those are 5 recommended applications from Eduteam that can help organize a more organized schedule.

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