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6 Benefits of Eating Raw Carrots for Health

6 Benefits of Eating Raw Carrots for Health – 6 Benefits of Eating Raw Carrots for Health. There are many advantages that you will get when consuming raw vegetables compared to cooked ones. You will receive many vitamins and minerals needed for the health of your body.

Eating raw vegetables can also reduce the time it takes to prepare food. One vegetable that contains many benefits when consumed raw is carrots. Carrots can be consumed raw or cooked as an addition to soups.

Reported by various sources, here are six benefits of eating raw carrots to improve overall health. Come on, find out.

1. Balancing hormones in the body

It turns out that raw carrots contain a very unique fiber that can bind toxic substances, especially bind excess estrogen hormone and carry it out of the body safely. Quoting from the CNBC website, this unique fiber will not feed bacteria so it can help reduce the number of bad bacteria in the gut.

Bacteria in the gut is one of the main problems that create hormonal imbalances. Excess estrogen hormone in the body can also be a big problem causing PMS-like symptoms, mood swings, acne, and excessive sweating at night.

2. Detoxifies the body from endotoxins

Raw carrots can help you reduce the burden on liver function by binding and excreting substances through the detoxification process. Quoting from the Seven Health website, raw carrots can also help digestion by eliminating endotoxins.

Endotoxins are components of the outer membrane of certain bacteria found in the gut, which can cause hormonal imbalances. When endotoxin enters the bloodstream, a number of problems can occur due to its toxicity. Consuming raw carrots will help our body reduce its endotoxin burden.

3. Rich in Vitamin A

Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A. Reported by Verywell Fit, Maria Frey, a health couch explained that one medium-sized carrot weighing 61 grams can contain 509 micrograms of vitamin A. Vitamin A found in carrots can help improve your eye health.

Consuming carrots regularly is the best way to protect your eyes from the effects of aging and environmental damage. Vitamin A in carrots can also protect DNA from oxidative damage that can cause cancer.

4. Coping with excess estrogen hormones

Raw carrots play a role in detoxifying excess estrogen from the body. Carrots have fiber which is mostly indigestible so carrots can help remove excess estrogen.

Quoting from the Lifepack website, the hormone estrogen in excessive amounts can increase the risk of developing breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and endometrial cancer. Therefore, try to regularly consume one or two medium-sized raw carrots per day.

5. Facial skin health

Not only improve eye health, carrots are also beneficial in maintaining healthy skin. This is because the content of vitamin A which can improve eye health is also useful for repairing skin tissue. Quoting from the Baywater Farms website, carrots can help our bodies stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

In addition to vitamin A, carrots are also loaded with beta-carotene, which contains additional nutrients, such as minerals and antioxidants. Eating raw carrots can help prevent acne and blemishes by reducing inflammation and encouraging cell turnover.

6. Helps balance the thyroid

Consuming raw carrots regularly can help eliminate toxins in the body, including the liver. Quoting from the BiochemNordic website, it is important to have a healthy liver because the liver is able to detoxify estrogen and change the storage of the main hormone produced by the thyroid gland, from the hormone thyroxine to the hormone triiodotironine.

It is important to eat raw carrots over cooked or juiced carrots. Cooking and juicing carrots breaks down the fiber and releases the beta-carotene in carrots which has anti-thyroid effects.

You can make carrots as healthy snacks. You can replace your unhealthy snacks by eating carrots. Carrots are a very versatile vegetable and can be used in a variety of dishes. Although carrots can be consumed in many ways, the best way to consume them is by eating them raw. If you eat raw carrots regularly, it will improve your overall health.

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