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7 Benefits of Breast Suction for Women’s Health

7 Benefits of Breast Suction for Women's Health – 7 Benefits of Breast Suction for Women’s Health. Not only does it increase sexual arousal, there are many benefits of breast suction for women’s health. The specialty of this breast stimulation is not only from the baby to the mother, but also can be done by the couple.

As long as you are comfortable doing it, sucking the breast has a positive impact on the body. Not only sexual factors, but also overall health. Anything?

The benefits of breast suction

There are various reasons why couples are interested in sucking the breast. In nursing mothers, for example, a larger size can provide its own satisfaction. Even if you’re not producing milk, your breasts are still an exciting part of your body.

No need to hesitate to try to suck the breast. Doing it routinely actually makes you feel the following benefits of breast suction.

1. Reducing the risk of serious illness

Sucking the breast provides good physical stimulation for women. Including while breastfeeding. The most important benefit of sucking breasts is preventing serious illness.

The CDC states that for pregnant women, sucking the breast through the breastfeeding process for both children and partners can reduce the risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

2. Lose weight after childbirth

For most women, weight gain occurs after giving birth. Well, sucking breasts during a period of love can help you lose weight, you know.

The reason is, the activity of sucking the breast and flowing milk, aka breastfeeding, can burn quite a lot of calories. Research publications in the journal Preventive Medicine say, at least loving for 3 months helps women lose weight, compared to those who don’t breastfeed.

3. Increase sexual arousal

Not a few individuals who have a kink or fetish for the chest. Both women and men, sucking breasts can be part of an interesting fantasy to try when making love.

Thus, the benefits of sucking breasts are not only in terms of health. But the satisfaction of bed and passion also increases while doing this.

4. Triggers an orgasm

Ever heard of the term nipplegasm? As the name implies, nipplegasm is a type of female orgasm that is triggered by stimulation of the nipples. Not only the peak, the stimulation given to reach this climax also covers the entire breast area.

Research published in the journal Socioaffective, Neuroscience & Psychology confirms that stimulating the breasts, chest and nipples in particular can lead to sexual pleasure and orgasms. Don’t be surprised if playing and sucking your breasts can help you reach climax.

5. Reducing stress

Sucking the breast can provide a relaxing sensation and relieve stress. The benefits of sucking the breast apply, both for breastfeeding mothers and women who are not in a period of love, you know. This happens, because stimulation of the chest and nipples can help the pituitary gland release the hormone oxytocin, launches O’School.

The hormone oxytocin itself is often referred to as the ‘love hormone’ which is proven to reduce stress levels. Furthermore, oxytocin also increases trust and feelings of closeness. That way, you and your partner will feel more intimate.

6. Induce labour

Before giving birth, try sucking on the breast and nipple during sex with a partner. The reason is, this activity can help start the process of giving birth. This happens, because the level of oxytocin increases. The love hormone can help induce labor as research published in 2018 in the journal PLOS ONE.

Not only that, research in the journal Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing shows that nipple and breast stimulation during labor helps shorten the first stage of birth, by an average of up to 3.8 hours. As a result, the duration of labor is shorter.

7. Increase breast sensitivity

Providing stimulation, including sucking, can make the breasts more sensitive. When the nipples and breasts are touched, either by hand or tongue, blood flow will increase to the area and make it more sensitive.

If you continue to do this, suction on the breast can increase passion during sex. Once you have successfully stimulated the breast area, you may get increased arousal and orgasms.

Given the benefits of breast suction which are good for health, it’s a shame if this activity is passed up. So, start inserting breast sucking activities during intimate moments with your partner.

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