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7 Effective Tips for Stomach Anti Gaul after Eating a Lot

7 Effective Tips for Stomach Anti Gaul after Eating a Lot – 7 Effective Tips for Stomach Anti Gaul after Eating a Lot. On youth dates, holidays, birthdays, or hanging out with relatives and friends, there are moments when we eat large portions. And, who likes to eat at all-you-can-eat (AYCE) restaurants? Usually, if we eat at a restaurant with a concept like this, we will eat as much as we can so we don’t feel like we’re losing.

Have eaten a lot, the stomach certainly feels like it’s growing like it’s going to explode. No need to worry, the size of your stomach is actually the same, really, it’s just filled with gas from the digestive process so it feels full. However, this does feel uncomfortable. So, here are some effective ways to relieve a full stomach after eating a lot.

1. Drink enough

There is a reason why we are advised to drink after eating. In addition to soothing the throat, drinking after eating a lot can relieve an upset stomach because it keeps digestion smooth.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, foods high in salt can make you feel full because sodium causes fluid retention. You need water because water can get rid of excess sodium in the body and prevent fluid retention.

In addition to relieving fullness, drinking before eating also prevents overeating. This is evident from a study in South Korea in 2018 which noted that those who drank water before eating consumed less food but were still full, compared to those who did not drink before eating.

2. Drink tea

Like to drink tea when eating? Apparently, tea has its own benefits to prevent constipation. According to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, peppermint tea can relax the digestive muscles so gas doesn’t collect in the stomach. However, if you have GERD or a hiatal hernia, avoid this tea.

Apart from peppermint, ginger tea can also prevent stomach upset after eating. According to a study in Taiwan in 2008, ginger tea can speed up the gastric emptying process. Fennel tea can also be an option because based on research in India in 2014, fennel can relieve various digestive problems.

3. Don’t drink soft drinks

When eating large portions or AYCE, many drink soft drinks as a companion to food. There is an assumption that burping from soda can help relieve stomach upset. The problem is, soda can also increase gas in the body, the reason why soda has carbonated foam.

Reported by Providence, gas from soda can accumulate and get trapped in the stomach. As a result, you feel overwhelmed. So, don’t drink too much soda, OK? Just enough!

4. Avoid drinking alcohol

Some people drink alcoholic beverages with large meals. This should be avoided because alcohol can cause fluid retention to slow down digestion.

The Providence page notes that alcohol can make you have a constant urge to pee, triggering dehydration. Dehydration then affects the body to retain fluids in the body, and you feel full. If you still choose alcohol to accompany your meal, drink just a little, don’t overdo it. Better yet, choose plain water.

5. Walk

Often hear that? Besides sitting down, maybe we’ll go for a leisurely stroll after a big meal. However, as explained on the Brigham and Women’s Hospital website, walking at a leisurely pace can reduce a full stomach. This is because walking can stimulate gastric motility and reduce gas from the body, thereby reducing the feeling of fullness.

According to a study in Germany in 2008, walking after eating (5 or 10 minutes) can relieve the stomach. The benefits of regular exercise can also be seen after eating. Quoting Temple Health, the habit of exercising keeps the walls of the large intestine strong thereby preventing constipation (which can also make your stomach full).

6. Yoga

Have you finished eating at home, but your stomach is still full? Apart from exercising or walking, Everyday Health suggests yoga to relieve a full stomach. Some easy poses that you can try to relieve a full stomach are Child’s Pose (Balasana) or Cat/Cow Pose (Chakravakasana).

By inhaling through your nose and exhaling from your mouth, try these yoga positions until your stomach feels relieved. Yoga movements and breathing techniques activate the parasympathetic nervous system so that the body is more relaxed and easier to digest food.

7. Avoid chewing gum

Thinking of chewing gum after eating a large meal? Better not! One habit that can cause an upset stomach after eating is chewing gum.

Apart from eating a large meal, swallowing too much air can cause a full stomach due to accumulation of gas in the large intestine and small intestine. Michigan Medicine notes that we swallow more air if we eat/drink too quickly, drink excessive amounts of soda, and chew gum. So, hold off on the gum, OK?

Those are some effective ways to prevent stomach upset after eating a lot. Eating a lot every now and then may not be a problem. However, don’t adapt to excessive eating patterns all the time, yes, because the consequence is weight gain followed by the risk of various health problems.

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