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7 Ways to Keep Your Body Healthy Ahead of Christmas and New Year

7 Ways to Keep Your Body Healthy Ahead of Christmas and New Year – 7 Ways to Keep Your Body Healthy Ahead of Christmas and New Year. Soon we will enter the long holiday of Christmas and New Year. During this holiday period, of course you want to have fun, like hanging out with the people you care about, vacationing, eating well, and so on. However, this pleasure can only be felt when you are in good health.

Unfortunately, during the holidays, especially if it coincides with a big day, it is often too much time. Starting from food available throughout the day, lots of spare time to be lazy, meeting lots of people, and weight gain. All of this increases your potential to get sick during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

To help spend the holidays in a fun way, here are some things that need to be done to help maintain health ahead of and during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

1. Don’t sit too much

Many families get together during Christmas by watching movies or eating together. This in turn makes it tempting to stay seated all day long, either to watch TV or sit idly by.

There’s nothing wrong with indulging on the couch once in a while, but it will be more beneficial for your general health if you also get up and move around occasionally. Reported by Medical News Today, you are advised to stay active during the holidays with walks in the park, group sports, or light exercise at home. In addition to making the body fitter, physical activity will also reduce the time available to continue eating.

2. Make smart food choices

When visiting extended family or friends’ homes during Christmas and New Years, you may be treated to a wide variety of delicious food. However, it’s important to still make healthy dietary choices.

When hungry, people tend to have a hard time making healthy dietary decisions. They will usually take food that looks delicious and overeat. In this case, you suggest having a snack an hour before going out to eat together. That way, it will be easier for you to control yourself and not touch all the dishes, citing Healthline.

3. Sleep enough and soundly

Getting enough sleep is very important for mood and physical health. Even if you have holiday travel plans, make sure you make time for sleep.

Holidays make many people’s activities erratic, which is not good for the body. No matter how busy you are, don’t let yourself stay up late and lack sleep. It is best to get enough sleep at night.

People who are well rested are able to get more done and do it better than people who are sleep deprived.

4. Drink juices that contain natural diuretics

Celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger, beetroot and pineapple juices are natural diuretics and help the body increase urine output. According to Body of Life, this in turn helps eliminate toxins, reduces fluid retention, and ultimately reduces the feeling of bloating.

In addition, drinking fresh juice is also an easy way to meet your daily needs for fruits and vegetables.

5. Drink vitamin B complex

The many activities at Christmas and New Year will be very draining of energy. If you’re feeling low on energy, consider taking a B complex vitamin supplement.

B vitamins dissolve in water and are quickly excreted from the body. According to the Body of Life page, increased alcohol consumption during the holidays can deplete the body of important vitamins, such as B1, B2 and B6. Vitamin B complex products provide all of the B vitamins that are essential for health and energy production.

6. Pay attention to mental health

Too long holidays or nothing to do at Christmas and New Years can make you feel lonely and bored. Therefore, you need to maintain your mental health during the holidays.

There are many things you can do to maintain your mental health while on vacation, such as doing something for other people. Doing good for others will bring happiness to the giver and recipient. Doing good for others is beneficial for increasing self-esteem, increasing life satisfaction, and maintaining the mental health of others.

7. Stop eating when full

As well as watching what you eat, it’s also important not to overeat. As explained on the Independent page, limit meal times and maintain a healthy diet consisting of three main meals and two snacks.

Remember, just because there’s plenty of food, doesn’t mean you can eat all day long. Eat because you are hungry, not because you are bored or because the food looks interesting.

So, so that you can spend your Christmas and New Year holidays in the fittest condition, don’t forget to apply the tips above.

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