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8 Benefits of Sunbathing in the Morning – Did you know that sunbathing in the morning can prevent the transmission of Covid-19 which is currently attacking the whole world, including Indonesia?

Many parties, especially health experts, encourage people to sunbathe in the morning so that the body’s immunity can increase so that it can fight viral and bacterial attacks, especially the Covid-19 virus.

There are many more benefits of sunbathing activities in the morning that you should know… Then, at what time is this sunbathing activity good to do?

Let’s see the following review!

Benefits of Sunbathing

8 Benefits of Sunbathing in the Morning

Here are 8 benefits of sunbathing in the morning for you so that your body stays healthy and increases immunity from Covid-19.

1. Prevents Depression

Did you know that a simple activity in the form of sunbathing in the morning can prevent and prevent us from depression. Depression can occur due to decreased levels of the hormone serotonin in the body. Therefore, if we lack exposure to sunlight, the amount of serotonin in the hormone will also decrease, so we will become more easily depressed.

If you often work in office buildings and rarely go out to sunbathe, try from now on to make this morning sunbathing activity a routine. Through sunbathing activities this morning, the brain can produce lots of the hormone serotonin so that it can change the mood for the better.

2. Increases Vitamin D Productivity

The presence of vitamin D is very beneficial for the body, namely to increase the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine, so that our bones, teeth and muscles can be stronger. In addition, Vitamin D can also prevent several diseases, such as osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes types 1 and 2, to multiple sclerosis.

So, what does sunlight have to do with Vitamin D?

The answer is that exposure to the morning sun can stimulate the production of Vitamin D in the body.

3. Makes Sleep More Restful

Exposure to sunlight can actually stimulate the production of the hormone melatonin to the brain and body so that it knows when it’s time to sleep so that our brain will indirectly start to feel sleepy at night.

The hormone melatonin functions to regulate the human sleep cycle. If you often experience sleep disturbances, it could be due to low levels of melatonin in the body.

4. Overcoming the emergence of skin diseases

There are various types of skin diseases, ranging from acne, eczema (allergic reactions), jaundice, to psoriasis. Especially psoriasis skin disease is usually caused by the body’s autoimmune attack on healthy skin cells.

Well, UV radiation from the sun can actually be used as therapy to treat these skin diseases!

However, not all people with skin diseases can do this radiation therapy, so they must get a consultation from a dermatologist first.

5. Reducing the Risk of Cancer

If we are exposed to the sun in excessive amounts, of course it will trigger the appearance of skin cancer. However, if we get the right amount of sun exposure, it can prevent various cancers, you know.

There are various types of cancer, ranging from colon cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, to lymph cancer.

Vitamin D deficiency is said to be able to increase the risk of cancer appearing in the body. Therefore, many health experts recommend morning sunbathing activities to reduce the risk of cancer to a lower level.

According to health experts, the productivity of Vitamin D is proven to reduce the risk of developing all forms of cancer by up to 60%.

6. Boost the Immune System

Sun exposure can boost the immune system you know…

How do you do it?

When we are exposed to sunlight, our body will produce more white blood cells. These white blood cells can function as the body’s protective system. In addition, white blood cells are also able to fight from various causes of infection that attack the body.

Well, this is also what health experts often recommend for those with Covid-19 to routinely do sunbathing activities in the morning. Sufficient exposure to sunlight is able to prevent viruses from surviving in our bodies, and the Covid-19 virus is no exception.

7. Lowering the Risk of Jaundice for Babies

Based on a research journal entitled “Do Babies Need to be Dry in the Morning” revealed that sun exposure can be useful for reducing the risk of jaundice for babies.

Jaundice (jaundice neonatorum) is a symptom that usually appears in newborns with the appearance of a yellow color on the skin. This appearance is due to the addition of bilirubin in the baby’s serum.

This condition usually occurs in infants aged 72-120 hours, usually will return to normal after 7-10 days.

8. Lowering Cholesterol and Osteoporosis in the Elderly

Similar to the previous benefits, this benefit is based on a research journal entitled “The Effectiveness of Ultraviolet Exposure to Sunlight on Bone Mass Density and Cholesterol Levels in the Elderly”, revealed that sun exposure can stimulate the body to produce Vitamin D.

Ultraviolet light was able to change the cholesterol deposits contained in the body of the elderly to become Vitamin D. When ultraviolet light hits the skin, the light will be filtered in the skin with the amount of cholesterol stored in the body.

Meanwhile, osteoporosis is a disease that causes human bones to become porous and brittle. The understanding of the risk of this disease is still low and can be done in simple ways, such as a diet rich in calcium and protein, and adding adequate levels of Vitamin D.

How do we get sufficient levels of Vitamin D for the body?

Namely by sunbathing in the morning, because exposure to the morning sun can stimulate the production of Vitamin D in the body.

Morning Sunbathing Tips

  • Do it at 08.00 – 10.00 yes…. If the time is more than that, sun exposure tends to be hot so it can cause skin cancer.
  • Do it every day for 15-20 minutes only.
  • You can apply sunscreen or sunblock with SPF 20+++ before doing sunbathing activities this morning.
  • Make sure the skin on the hands and feet is exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Use light colored clothes. When wearing black clothes, it tends to make the body hot.
  • You can use a hat and glasses to avoid sun exposure on the skin that is not recommended.

Well, that’s 8 benefits of sunbathing in the morning and tips for doing it. So that your body is healthier, make sunbathing activities this morning a part of your routine, right?

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