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8 Dangers of Vape to Health and Increase Potential for Cancer

8 Dangers of Vape to Health and Increase Potential for Cancer – 8 Dangers of Vape to Health and Increase Potential for Cancer. Increased awareness of the dangers of tobacco smoking has made some people abandon the habit. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop completely, but instead switched to electric cigarettes, aka vapes, which are predicted to be much safer.

Even though it is considered safer, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that this cigarette ‘alternative’ is actually not completely safe. The presence of nicotine and other compounds makes vape a real danger to the body.

Dangers of vape to health

Vape is an electronic device that works by heating liquid and producing an aerosol or a mixture of small particles in the air. At first glance, it looks safe because the liquid used is similar to syrup with many choices of flavors.

In fact, vape liquid also contains nicotine, just like regular cigarettes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also states that the nicotine content in vapes can be much higher.

This compound is even more dangerous because it is inhaled directly and has the risk of causing irritation in the short term. Not only that, the following dangers of vape also threaten its users.

1. Lowering the immune system

A study published through the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, tried to find out the immune system and the ability of the body’s cells to fight infection. Respondents are active smokers, vape users, and non-smokers.

As a result, active smokers and vape users both show signs of reduced activity of 594 genes. The gene plays a role in supporting the immune system and fighting infection. This discovery proves that compounds in vape liquids to create vapor have an immunosuppressive effect on the body.

2. Risk of bronchiolitis obliterans or ‘popcorn lung’

Harvard researchers revealed that vape users are at risk of contracting bronchiolitis obliterans, or more familiarly known as popcorn lung. The chemicals in e-cigarettes systematically destroy the smallest airways of the lungs.

Do not be taken lightly, because the only way to overcome this disease with a lung transplant. Can you imagine how it would feel if you had to have your lungs transplanted?

3. Heating and exploding

As mentioned before, vapes work by heating liquids and turning them into aerosols. The heating capability of the vape is powered by a lithium ion battery embedded in it. Reported by WebMD, the use of these batteries on vapes is not strictly regulated so the quality can be low.

This certainly carries the risk of causing a dangerous explosion and triggering serious burns. Kenneth Barbero from Albany was one of the victims of a vape explosion and was seriously injured. In an interview, Kenneth explained that the explosion tore his tongue, his hands were badly burned, and several of his teeth were missing.

4. The risk of addiction

Laboratory tests conducted by the Food and Drug Administration found that the nicotine levels on the refill cartridge labels did not match the original ones. Even if the vape cartridge says ‘nicotine-free’, it’s not necessarily nicotine-free.

Reported by Heart, nicotine is a compound that is dangerous and highly addictive. Consuming it regularly has a high risk of causing an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, blood flow to the heart and narrowing of the arteries, causing a heart attack.

5. Poisoning in children

Nicotine and other chemicals in vape liquids are dangerous for children. Reported by Parents, compounds such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons can stick to children’s hands, survive, and be inhaled for a long time.

With higher concentrations than traditional cigarettes, these compounds can be very toxic to children. Side effects include affecting the development of the nervous system, especially the brain, as well as the lungs. Compounds in vape can also affect the growth and development of babies and fetuses in the womb.

6. Increase the potential for cancer

In fact, vape contains more metal compounds than regular cigarettes. This includes tin, nickel, silver, iron, aluminum, silicates and chromium. These particles can damage the respiratory system and abnormal cell growth.

Quoting the California Department of Public Health in Undo, chromium and nickel compounds are closely associated with respiratory disorders, including lung cancer. This is the same as the content of cadmium which is actually a pigment for coloring plastics, ceramics and glass.

7. Other health problems

A professor of chemistry and engineering at Portland State University in Oregon discovered the presence of formaldehyde in vape liquids. These compounds are materials for making glue and adhesives as well as coatings for paper products and building materials. In addition, formaldehyde is also used as a preservative in morgues and medical laboratories.

When the formaldehyde present in the air exceeds 0.1 ppm, some individuals may experience side effects. The impacts that are felt can be in the form of watery eyes, a burning sensation in the eyes, nose and throat, coughing, wheezing, nausea, to skin irritation.

8. Lipoid pneumonia

Lipoid pneumonia is a health effect when fatty acids enter the lungs. This condition is also a scourge of vape danger, because there is an oily substance in the liquid that is inhaled when vaping. If done in the long term can trigger an inflammatory response in the lungs.

Symptoms can include chronic cough, shortness of breath, and bloody mucus when coughing. Reported by Hopkins Medicine, there is no treatment for lipoid pneumonia. The only treatment is to keep the trigger away, in this case avoiding e-cigarettes.

Considering that the dangers of vaping are very detrimental to yourself and those around you, it’s better to avoid using them. That way, health is more awake and does not harm others.

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