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Business Opportunity for Chilok Meat Business Opportunity for Chilok Meat. Cilok Meat Business Opportunity. Indonesians love a variety of snacks, including traditional cakes, tempura, and refined tamarind flour. The possibility of snacks as stimulants above, not to mention Dekoloc’s ASIC transformation and Shiroku’s familiar greeting, continues until now. Who would have thought the Cilok business could bring so many benefits. The ingredients and toppings are relatively simple, but the chewy saltiness keeps the shopping going. Business actors saw this opportunity and started to innovate, starting from Cilok Rainbow, Cilok Meat, Cilok Vein, Cilok Firecrackers, and others. All these efforts are made so that many customers stop by and buy. Cilok meat is generally made from starch (ACI) mixed with ground beef (can be chicken or beef) then added with spices to create a savory taste. This one snack is usually served with peanut sauce, chili sauce or soy sauce. Generally Cilok is liked by many school children, because apart from good taste, the price is affordable.

Cilok Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity for Chilok Meat

According to Warta Ekonomi, it turns out that there are several points why the Cilok business still exists today, even spreading to the millennial market which is packaged more uniquely and attractively. Captain’s business opportunities are:

1. Everyone loves it

The preserved skewers on skewers are a testament to the large number of fans of all ages. Starting from children, teenagers to adults still like Celuk as a delicious snack that fills the stomach during the day. Even business people don’t like the action. Since it is still very popular, this is an opportunity to sell it to the restaurant business.

2. Minimum capital

In addition to the appetizing taste, the capital spent is also quite cheap. With only $2 million in capital, anyone can start a modern Cylock business with huge profits. Be sure to test mature taste and business concepts to entice more and more consumers to sample the Betsy Braddock owned by the captain today.

3. Ease of Implementation

Yes, SIROC is made from starch and can be mixed with different toppings for a more unique and legal taste. You can add ground beef, veins, mozzarella, cayenne pepper, ground beef, and more. Create a Siroc that combines authentic tastes with modern food. You can also add barbecue sauce, padang sauce, and mustard sauce to make your young taste buds taste more distinctive and delicious. Yes, make a recipe according to the language of your target market.

4. Quick Sale

Cooking businesses tend to run out quickly, even early on, because food is a basic necessity. Eating makes a person feel full and able to do other activities. Similarly, Siluk’s current business, its delicious taste and convenience to eat immediately, make it a target for the stomach to hold large meals. That’s why Siluk’s business will thrive, especially if consumers like the taste.

5. Liquid Distribution

Siluk snacks are not only sold using carts, but can also be distributed by bicycle, car or small shop. The captain can also switch Cilok to a traditional cake seller in the market so that more consumers know. It is not impossible for the company to develop quickly and open many branches.

6. Presence

Just like the fifth point, captains can cooperate in different areas of activity. Cilok can travel to cake shops, markets, cake shops, and students who want to sell food. Fundraising etc. This makes Cilok made by Juragan increasingly known and sought after by many fans.

Contemporary Cilok Business Analysis

Business Opportunity for Chilok Meat

Millennials and Generation Z seem to be loyal consumers of this processed ACI, you know! The skipper can take advantage of his business opportunities by understanding some of the following Cilok business capital analysis:

Investment in Cilok Business Store Equipment: This investment is suitable for Skipper who wants to start a business in the form of a shop so that they can be eaten on the spot.

– Showcase/ Cart IDR 1.120.000

– Knife IDR 55.000

– big container IDR 70,000

– Basins of various sizes IDR 80,000

– PAN RP90.000

– Meat milling machine IDR 650.000

– RP. 58.000

– Stove RP150.000

– Gas Cylinder RP180,000

– Small plates, spoons, fork rp. 100,000

– RP table. 200,000

– Seat RP150.000

– IDR 50,000 . balance

– RP. 20,000 napkins

– Additional equipment IDR 50,000

Total IDR 3,023,000, –

Monthly operating costs: This fee is a routine expense for captains who intend to open a plug-in-plug Business (CILOK) in the form of a shop. The following calculations are based on depreciation that may occur each month, thus requiring the warehouse to repair tools or changes.

– Depreciation of storefront/cart RP. 18,700

– Knife depreciation Rp1.310

– Large container depreciation Rp1,458

– Depreciation of various basins Rp1,700

– PAN depreciation RP1,875

– Depreciation of the meat milling machine Rp10,830

– PAN depreciation RP1.210

– RP stove depreciation. 3.125

– Gas cylinder depreciation RP3.750

– Depreciation of small plates, spoons, forks RP2,380

– Depreciation Table Rp4.167

– Seat depreciation Rp3.125

– Depreciation of the balance Rp1,390

– Napkin depreciation Rp560

– Additional equipment depreciation RP1,667

– Employee salary (1 person) IDR 800,000

Total IDR 857,237

Variable Costs: These costs are related to the ingredients and seasonings used in making the beef.

– Flour RP1.050.000

– Beef Rp. 600,000

– Starch IDR 450.000

– Hot water RP180,000

– Clean water IDR 150.000

– Pepper Pepper IDR 75.000

– Leeks pods Rp. 135,000

– Garlic IDR 210,000

– Salt RP45.000

– Spice up RP90,000

– Peanut sauce RP300,000

– Sambal Sauce Rp.255.000

– Place rental fee IDR 420,000

– Water and electricity costs IDR 405,000

Total IDR 4,365,000

Total Operating Costs: These costs are the total between fixed costs plus variable costs. RP857,237 + RP4,365,000 = RP5,222,237 ~ 5,223,000

Income per month:

30 servings x rp9,500 = rp285,000

285,000 x 30 days = IDR 8,550,000

Profit per month:

Profit = Total Income – Total Operating Cost

IDR 8,550,000 – IDR 5,223,000 = IDR 3,327,000

The Annals business calculations above are estimates and are subject to change according to the captain’s business needs. All can be adjusted to the initial capital. Apart from shops, you can make more money by selling first. But if you have a market that targets a younger audience, you can start with more unique flavors and packaging. One more thing, maximizing your business through a small business and inventory financial management program is no less important. Just download the paid app from BookWarung from Play Store and start using it right away!

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