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Islamic Economic System

Islamic Economic System – Many people do not really understand about the structure of an Islamic economic system. Even though all the regulations really make it easier for his people to carry out activities based on the laws and regulations from Allah. That way, the lives of all Muslims will be more blessed …

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9 Kinds of International Payment Instruments

9 Kinds of International Payment Instruments – The development of the world or globalization that has occurred has changed economic development, be it in the financial or trade sectors. Most countries experience economic changes, especially through international trade. By conducting international trade each country can promote economic growth. Therefore, countries that carry out international trade make adjustments …

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Various Needs Theory According to Experts

Various Needs Theory According to Experts – Every human being has needs that must be met, right? To meet these needs, humans carry out economic activities whether working, running a business, trading, and others. What needs must we fulfill? Well, this time we will discuss the theory of needs in depth. Understanding Needs Needs, if …

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