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Definition of Issuer: Purpose, Type, Terms, and Duties

Definition of Issuer Purpose, Type, Terms, and Duties – Issuer is a term that is most widely used in the world of investment and capital markets. This term refers to a private or state part that makes an effective effect on society aiming to raise additional capital or funds. In general, the term is associated with companies …

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Understanding Blockchain: History, Principles and How It Works

Understanding Blockchain History, Principles and How It Works – Do you know about blockchain? For, especially  who are involved in the IT/IT world or short for Information and Technology/Information Technology, they are certainly familiar with the term blockchain, right? There is a fact that is quite surprising, it turns out that blockchain itself is quite popular …

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Promotional Purpose and Functions: Functions, Types, Benefits

Promotional Purpose and Functions Functions, Types, Benefits – In everyday life, we are certainly familiar with various kinds of promotions, be it the promotion of food products, beverages, toys, and even services with various functions. In the current era, promotion is a solution for business actors or brand owners to introduce their products to people. The …

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