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Variety of the Most Delicious Iftar Menu Ideas

Variety of the Most Delicious Iftar Menu Ideas – The month of Ramadan is getting closer. This means that the typical dishes served when breaking the fast will be busy decorating the dining table of every household. Most Indonesians define iftar time with a variety of sweet and delicious dishes, from stews to fried foods. This food …

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What is Ngabuburit?

What is Ngabuburit – In this country of Indonesia, ngabuburit activities have become a tradition that is usually done when the month of Ramadan arrives. Both children, young people, adults, and parents must have followed the typical traditions of this month of Ramadan. In addition, it is not only Muslims who are …

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Intentions of Fasting Ramadan and its Meaning

Intentions of Fasting Ramadan and its Meaning – All Muslims will perform fasting during the month of Ramadan. Fasting in the month of Ramadan is obligatory for Muslims. In addition to preparing themselves, Muslims must also know the reading of the intention of fasting Ramadan and its meaning. The intention of fasting Ramadan includes the pillars …

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Ramadan Fasting Prayer and Its Meaning

Ramadan Fasting Prayer and Its Meaning – The recitation of the breaking of fast prayer is one of the practices that are recommended for Muslims. It is recommended for those of you who are breaking the fast to begin it with prayer. In breaking the fast, Muslims are also instructed to hasten it. Muslims are …

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What is the Meaning of Fasting According to Language and Terms?

The Meaning of Fasting – Soon, Muslims will celebrate Ramadan 1443 hijri. During the holy month, a Muslim who has reached puberty, mukim (not a traveler), sane, and able to resist hunger and thirst is required to perform fasting. As with other acts of worship, the provisions of fasting are regulated in jurisprudence. …

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UAE launches food safety campaign for Ramadan

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has announced the launch of a major food safety awareness campaign for the month of Ramadan. The drive is aimed at drawing consumer attention to these aspects to help prevent food-borne illnesses during this holy month. It is part of the authority’s many efforts …

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