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Factors Causing Hedonism and Its Impact – Hedonism is a lifestyle that is often associated with luxurious and majestic living behavior. This behavior is synonymous with negative things that have a bad impact on life.

Hedonism is a lifestyle that is considered bad. This term is usually used to describe a luxurious lifestyle.

Actually, nowadays many people know that hedonism is something that is not good. But there are still many people who do not realize that they have entered this lifestyle. In order not to be trapped in a hedonistic lifestyle, consider the following explanation.

Get to Know The Term Hedonism

Factors Causing Hedonism and Its Impact

According to an explanation in the journal Psychopedagogia 3(1), it is explained that hedonism is a pattern of life whose activities are looking for the pleasures of life such as spending time outside the home, playing a lot, enjoying the hustle and bustle of the city, giving expensive goods, to being the center of attention of many people.

Indeed, lifestyle is a reflection of the way a person regulates personal life, community life, to his behavior in public. There are several aspects of a hedonic lifestyle, including:

  1. Activities: activities that lead to a hedonic lifestyle include spending time outside the house, buying luxury goods, and always going to shopping centers and cafes.
  2. Interests: some interests that lead to hedonism such as fashion, food, luxury goods, places to hang out, and the desire to always be the center of attention.
  3. Opinion: is a statement used to describe and evaluate behavior

Factors Causing Hedonism

Broadly speaking, the hedonistic lifestyle is influenced by two factors, namely internal and external factors. Quoting from the journal Psychopedagogia 3(1), the following factors can influence hedonism:

1. Internal Factor

Internal factors are factors that come from within the individual based on self-confidence to live according to his wishes. Brush and the notion that a person must show luxury, splendor, and likes to be the center of attention. Thinking like that is a factor that causes a hedonic lifestyle.

2. External Factors

External factors are the causes of hedonism that come from outside. The influence of the environment directly or indirectly can cause a person to live a hedonic lifestyle. For example, someone who is friends with people who are used to living in luxury, then it is likely that that person also follows the lifestyle in the circle of friends.

Example of Hedonism

Example of Hedonism

People who have a hedonistic lifestyle are actually quite easy to find. Many of them even show the luxury and splendor of their lifestyle on social media. Quoting from, here are some examples of hedonism that are often found in Indonesian society.

1. Buy a luxury vehicle

One example of a hedonic lifestyle that is often encountered is buying and owning a luxury vehicle. Many people buy luxury cars not for needs, but only for self-satisfaction.

Many also think that owning a luxury vehicle will increase their social status. These thoughts are what encourage many people to compete to buy luxury vehicles beyond their capabilities.

2. Likes to shop

Excessive shopping habits turned out to be an example of a hedonistic lifestyle. Someone who has the nature of shopping, generally does not think about the functions and needs of the item. Someone who has a penchant for shopping, usually only buys goods because they want it, not based on necessity.

3. Eat delicious and expensive food all the time

Food is a primary human need. However, if you eat delicious and expensive food every day, it is included in a hedonic lifestyle. We recommend consuming foods that contain balanced nutrition according to the body’s needs, not just expensive foods.

The Bad Impact of Hedonism on Life

The Bad Impact of Hedonism on Life

The hedonistic lifestyle is often connoted as bad behavior. Actually, a luxurious and stately lifestyle is fine, as long as you can afford it. The problem is when you don’t have the ability but always behave hedonistically.

If we do not have more capabilities, but insist on living a luxurious life then there will be some negative impacts that befall us. Here are some of the effects of hedonism that are not good for life:

1. Not having a clear financial orientation

Hedonic habits make someone often use money for unnecessary things. This condition makes the finances become unhealthy. Because usually people who do this do not consider other aspects before spending the money they have.

2. Finances become unhealthy

The hedonistic lifestyle is closely related to extravagance. If this habit is done continuously, it can make finances unhealthy. We become too much money to spend on things that are not important without proper financial planning.

3. Do not have emergency funds and investments

Someone who is used to spending money on secondary and even tertiary needs, often ignores emergency funds and investments. In both cases, it is very necessary to maintain a safe financial condition.

Generally someone who is henodic style, too busy to think about self-gratification. So forget to set aside income for the future in the form of emergency funds and investments.

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