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Is it necessary to urinate after intercourse and this is the answer

Is it necessary to urinate after intercourse and this is the answer – Is it necessary to urinate after intercourse and this is the answer. There are no written rules that require you to pee after intercourse. However, most medical experts would advise both men and women to do it.

Why do you think this action must be carried out and whether there is an impact on health? Let’s dig into the answers why peeing after sex can be beneficial for you.

Why do you need to pee after intercourse?

It is not mandatory, this action can help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs). Passing urine shortly after sex can have a long-term impact on health.

As the name implies, UTI occurs when bacteria enter the urinary tract and travel to the bladder. Generally, the ‘gateway’ of infection is through the urethra, aka the urinary opening.

For women, the urethra is near the vaginal opening. While on the penis, the urethra is the same point when releasing semen.

During sex, especially penetration and oral, there is a possibility of bacteria being pushed into the urethra. The urine tries to push back the bacteria to be removed from the urinary tract.

This effort may not be 100 percent able to prevent someone from urinary tract infections. However, urinating after intercourse can be an easy step to prevent UTIs.

Does this rule apply to everyone?

Urinating after sex can help each individual to reduce the risk of UTIs. Although there are indeed some people who are more encouraged to do it. Especially in women who are prone to UTIs. This is because the urethra to the bladder is quite short. The urethra in women is only 2.5 to 4 centimeters long so it is easier for bacteria to reach the bladder.

While on the penis, the urethra on the penis is still 15-20 cm. That way, the distance traveled to reach the bladder is farther and the risk is lower, launches Flo.

So, when to pee after sex? As soon as sex is over, it will be better. Ideally, individuals urinate at least 30 minutes after intercourse.

Do you still have to pee if you don’t have penetrative sex?

If you don’t have penetrative sex, then defecating after intercourse may not be mandatory. Touch in areas other than around the vulva and lower penis doesn’t even run the risk of causing infection.

However, this does not apply when it involves cunnilingus, aka oral sex. Stimulation of the vagina and penis that is close to the urethra using the mouth still carries the risk of encouraging bacteria and triggering a UTI. So, it’s best to keep peeing afterwards.

Can peeing after sex prevent pregnancy?

Urinating will not prevent pregnancy, even if done shortly after the ejaculate is released. Standing, squatting, to pee is not an effective contraceptive.

When the ejaculate is released, the sperm passes through the vaginal canal. Meanwhile, urine is excreted through the urethra. The two are different openings, so they don’t have any sort of deterrent effect.

If ejaculation occurs, then there is no way for sperm to return, launch Healthline. Sperm are tough enough to swim and try to reach the egg.

Can pee hinder the pregnancy program?

Conversely, women are advised not to urinate immediately if they are planning a pregnancy. Although it is not certain, this effort is believed to make it easier for sperm to remain in the vagina and swim to reach the egg.

Urinating after intercourse does not necessarily hurt the chances of conception. However, consider waiting about five minutes before finally urinating.

Is urinating also effective in preventing STIs?

Urinating after intercourse has the opportunity to eliminate the bacteria that cause STIs. However, there is no guarantee that you will not contract a sexually transmitted infection at all.

Urine can push bacteria out of the urethra. However, STIs affect health in different ways. STI bacteria can be absorbed through tiny tears in the mucous membranes. These methods cannot be anticipated by spending urine. The only options to prevent transmission of STIs are to use condoms and go through routine screening and tests.

What if you don’t feel like peeing after sex?

Some people may not be ‘starved’ just after sex. If you want to remove it, you can try the following options:

  • Drink more water. A glass or half can help stretch the bladder, triggering the sensation of having to urinate
  • Use audio or visual stimulation, for example running water can help stimulate
  • Sit on the toilet to trigger the bladder to relax more so it can release urine smoothly.

Not defecating after intercourse is not a big problem. The reason is, apart from this habit, often holding urine for too long can also trigger a UTI. However, indeed, this effort includes preventive measures to avoid urinary tract infections.

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