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Lifestyle Creative: Definition, Form, Characteristics, and Examples

Timesofummah.comToday, everyone is required to always think creatively, especially in the world of work, so many people have said that in this modern era being creative is like an ability that everyone needs to have. Everyone has this creative ability, but not everyone can maximize this ability. In fact, almost all activities in modern times require the ability to think creatively. So, never be lazy to hone this creative ability.

This creative ability is a source of strength from the birth of innovation. Therefore, creative abilities are often used in the business world. In the business world, creative abilities will be used to create new products so that they remain competitive with competitors and consumers do not feel bored. In fact, creativity in the business field is also used to think about how to promote products. With this creative promotion can increase sales of a product.

Basically, we can see this creative ability in buildings, public facilities, and vehicles. These three things can exist in this world thanks to the existence of a person or group who has creative abilities. It is inconceivable, if this creative ability did not exist long ago, maybe until now we have not been able to use vehicles or cannot see buildings and public facilities.

Creative abilities will continue to follow the times. So, you must be able to adapt your creative abilities to the times in order to stay competitive with other individuals. The faster you adapt your creative abilities to the times, the faster you can compete with others.

So, what exactly is meant by creative? So, so that you know more about creativity and can develop creative abilities, it is necessary to know what creative is. This article will discuss more about creative, so read the review until the end.

Creative Definition

Lifestyle Creative Definition, Form, Characteristics, and Examples

Before discussing more deeply about creative, we will first discuss the notion of creative. Most people when they hear the word “creative” always refer to an artist and a writer. In fact, in reality, creative itself has a very broad meaning, so it cannot be directed at an artist or a writer only. In simple terms, creativity is the ability to make something.

In fact, creativity is owned by everyone, so when you see two people drawing a house, it will not always be the same. This is because everyone’s creativity is different. In addition, the thing that needs to be underlined from creative abilities is that creative abilities can be developed according to one’s own wishes. So, creative abilities can be acquired self-taught or honed by taking several courses.

Basically, this creative understanding can be different and is usually adapted to a field that is being worked on. However, creativity generally means an ability or skill that is already possessed by a person or group where they can find various kinds of innovations and can solve problems in new ways.

Therefore, someone whose creative abilities have been honed well, when there is a problem, they will quickly find a solution to the problem, so that the problem can be solved properly and quickly.

Meanwhile, creative abilities related to innovation can be seen in a person or group who always finds new things that are fresher and are liked by many people. Therefore, creative abilities are needed in the business world to create new products and are also needed in the creative world, be it on television or on social media.

The word “creative” actually comes from English, namely To Create. To Create is an abbreviation of the words combine, reverse, eliminate, alternative, twist, elaborate. Combine is to combine or combine one thing with other things. Reverse means to reverse, what is meant by flipping is to reverse some parts.

Eliminate, which means to eliminate, means to eliminate is to remove some parts. Alternative which means possibility, what is meant by possibility is to find other ways to succeed in achieving the goal. Twist which means twisting or you could say twisting something with a tie. Elaborate which means detailing or adding to something.

In the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), creative is having the power to create or having the ability to create. From this KBBI definition, it can be said that creativity is an ability to create something new. Therefore, for some people say that creativity is an ability to find innovation. So, start now to hone the creative abilities that are within you.

Understanding Creative According to Experts

Some experts express the notion of creative, including:


Kuper said that creativity is a concept or method that is plural and multidimensional in nature, so that it is difficult to interpret operationally. He also said that the manifestation of creativity, such as human action, which with creative abilities, can create creative products.


Sternberg revealed that creative is someone who is able to think synthetically which means that someone can see every relationship that exists, but other people cannot see it, has the ability to analyze every idea that arises, can evaluate the value or quality of the work that has been made, can translating every theory and things that are abstract into creative ideas, so that one person can make others believe about the ideas that have been conveyed.


According to Supriadi, creativity is an ability possessed by someone who is used to create something new, whether in the form of ideas or works that tend to be different from existing works. Creativity is a higher order thinking ability that indicates an escalation in thinking skills which is characterized by succession, discontinuity, differentiation, and integration between developmental stages.


Sadiq revealed that creativity is a way to bring up a new concept for the sake of progress. He also said that when creative ideas appear in the imagination, it is best to immediately think about turning them into creative ideas that can be realized.

According to Semiawan, creativity is an ability that is used to provide new ideas and is applied to solve a problem at hand.

Utami Munandar

According to Utami Munandar, creativity is an ability to create a new combination based on existing information, data, and elements.

Clark Mustakis

Clark Moustakis states that creativity is an experience in actualizing and expressing an individual’s identity in an integrated form between the relationship between oneself, others, and nature.

Creative Shapes

reactive itself has several forms, namely:

1. Idea

An idea is a creative thought that is unique and has never been thought of before. In addition, an idea can also be said as a thought which can produce a solution that can be used to solve a problem that is currently happening.

2. Product

Product is a creative thought that can produce a product that can be used for consumers and the product can meet consumer needs. In this case, the product can be in the form of goods or services.

3. Ideas

An idea is a creative idea that appears to solve a problem. This idea can be conveyed to others in writing or in person. Ideas conveyed through writing, such as publications, books, and so on.

Characteristics of Creative People

So, so that it is easy for you to know someone, whether they have creative abilities or not, it is necessary to recognize creative traits. The following are the characteristics of creative people, namely:

1. Likes New Things or Challenges

If you see someone who really likes new things and challenges, does that mean that person has creative abilities or maybe you really like challenges? With a challenge, someone who has creative abilities will be very happy because it can increase the sense of enthusiasm in him.

2. Easily Feel Bored

For someone who is able to think creatively, usually tends to get bored easily because he really likes new things around him. Therefore, creative people will always find fresh creative ideas and can turn them into a product or service.

3. Very Happy Imagining

Someone who really likes to imagine has a tendency if he has good creative abilities. This is because imagination can hone creative thinking, even creative thinking can be realized. Usually the right brain of someone who often imagines is more dominant than his left brain. Therefore, someone who likes to imagine is also often known as a dreamer who can make his imagination come true.

4. His Behavior Changes Quickly

Someone who is able to think creatively, his behavior changes very quickly or you could say the change in behavior is caused by his mood changing too. Therefore, the personality of a creative person will be difficult to predict. In addition, creative people have a fairly high sense of empathy.

5. Easy to Adapt

Someone who is able to think creatively will adapt very quickly, especially in creating ideas or ideas to create new things. In addition, this adaptability can be used to solve a problem quickly and precisely.

How to Develop Creative

It feels like something is missing when discussing the notion of creative, but not discussing how to develop creatively. The following are ways or steps to develop creative abilities.

1. Observing Things Around

Observing various kinds of things that are around you by using all the senses you have. Observations made with the senses will maximally train yourself in sharpening your memory. A honed memory will increase creative abilities, so creative ideas will always appear.

In this case, the things you observe can be anything from things you like to things that are new. The more observations you make with your senses, the more trained your senses will be, which will influence the creative ideas that will be realized.

2. Often Imagining

It is common for everyone to have imagination as something that can hone thinking skills. Increasingly honed thinking skills will lead to more creative ideas. even the importance of imagination was once expressed by Albert Einstein, “imagination is more important than knowledge”.

Basically, this imagination can be obtained from anywhere and anytime depending on each individual. However, in general, imagination can arise when someone is fantasizing, contemplating, and looking for ways to improve a thing or work. So, never stop to imagine.

3. Always Use an Out of the Box Mindset

As previously discussed, creativity is the source of innovation. Therefore, in order for creative abilities to develop, you need to use a different mindset in dealing with problems and in creating a product or work.

An out of the box mindset can actually be honed, so it’s back to each individual, whether they want to hone a different mindset in general or continue to use a mindset that has been used by many people.

4. Always Trying to Do Something New

The next step to developing creative is always trying to do something new. Basically, it doesn’t always have to be something new, it can also be things that are rarely done by other people. By doing this, you will get used to finding creative ideas that can be realized, be it for yourself or for industry or company needs.

5. Adding Insights

In developing creative abilities, adding insight is very important because the more insight you have, the easier it will be to find creative ideas and the easier it will be to make them happen. In general, adding insight is obtained by reading books. However, over time, adding insight can be done through online articles, social media, exhibitions, going abroad, and so on.

6. Discipline

All steps to develop creative abilities, if not followed by disciplined behavior will be in vain. This is because disciplined behavior will make you accustomed to doing things in an orderly manner. In addition, this disciplined behavior can create new creative ideas, so you won’t have to worry about running out of creative ideas. Discipline behavior should have been carried out since childhood so that when adults are accustomed to implementing disciplined behavior.

7. Always Trying To Take Notes

The final step that needs to be taken to develop creative abilities is to always try to take notes. This is best done when realizing creative ideas. In addition, taking notes is also useful for evaluating what are the shortcomings of the embodied creative ideas. This note-taking activity can be done in books, cellphones, and so on.

Creative Example

Basically, examples of creative behavior are numerous. Below will be given some examples of creative actions, namely:

1. Converting unused (used) items into usable items. For example, turning a plastic bottle into a pot.

2. Creating new products that are new or rarely used by many people. For example, building your own business.

3. Create a film scenario, whether it’s a film for television, cinema or streaming media.

4. Turning waste into organic fertilizer.


Creativity is an ability that everyone has to create new things or products and is also used to find solutions to problems that are currently happening. Although creative abilities have existed since childhood, not everyone wants to hone those skills. Therefore, so that creative abilities never run out, one must have a strong desire to hone these abilities.

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