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Media: Definition, Functions, and Types You Need to Know

Timesofummah.comToday, maybe everyone uses the media in carrying out activities, especially activities related to communication between one individual and another. With the media, it will be easier for everyone to carry out their daily activities. Therefore, the definition of media can be said to be very broad, for you a teacher will definitely determine the right learning media for his students.

Not only that, the media that is more often used as an intermediary for communication is often used by workers or even political officials who want to nominate themselves. The media that often appear during Indonesian democratic parties are usually better known as political communication media. So, don’t be surprised if during the Indonesian democratic party there will be a lot of information from various media which only contains political issues or facts.

If the media is used optimally, then any information provided will be maximized and listeners, recipients, or readers of information can get useful information. However, the media used is only for a number of purposes, it is possible that the information on the media cannot guarantee its authenticity, so that misunderstandings can occur between the giver of information and the recipient of the message. In fact, it can lead to a conflict.

So that you can use the media properly and correctly, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the media. In addition, you also need to understand each type of media and the benefits of media can be felt to the maximum. Then, how to know and understand the meaning of media to the types of media themselves?

You don’t need to be confused to find this information because in this article, we will discuss more about the meaning of media, the definition of media according to experts, to the benefits of the media that has been used.

Definition of Media

Media Definition, Functions, and Types You Need to Know

Media is a word that comes from Latin as well as has a plural form or is often referred to as medium. Meanwhile, the word media literally means intermediary. In this case, the intermediary in question is the existence of an intermediary between the source of the information or message (a source) and the presence of the recipient of the message or information (a receiver). Therefore, we often see media in everyday life, such as newspapers, online articles, films, television, and many more.

With the presence of the media in this world, it will be easy for someone to be helped, so that everything that is being done will be easily resolved. In fact, this media can reduce the occurrence of misunderstandings between the giver of information or the recipient of information. In addition, the media can be used for us to learn, the more we learn, the more knowledge and insight a person has.

Along with the times, the media has also developed, which was previously only in the form of paper, now the media can be accessed through electronic devices, such as cellphones, computers, laptops, and so on. Ease of access to media should be used wisely so that a person or group does not miss out on information.

In addition, in the world of education there will definitely be communication between students and teachers and is often known as learning media. It’s become very u

Generally, if information in the form of knowledge exists in the world of education, it must be given to the maximum so that students can receive knowledge and increase their insight.

With the existence of learning media when carrying out teaching and learning activities, communication between teachers and students will be more harmonious and they can understand each other with any information provided. So, for teachers, it is better to choose learning media that are very suitable for the characteristics of students.

It feels incomplete when discussing the meaning of media, but not directly from the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI). In the KBBI, media is a means of communication such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, films, posters and banners.

Understanding Media According to Experts

Now that’s the definition of media that you need to know so that it’s easier for you to understand the meaning of media, so below are the meanings of media that have been conveyed by several experts.


Schramm revealed that the media is a technology to carry messages or information that is instructional in nature and can be seen, read, heard, and manipulated.

Leslie J. Brggs

According to Leslie J. Briggs, media is a tool in the form of a physical form that is usually used when conveying material content. Leslie J. Briggs also said that the tools in question were tape recorders, video recorders, pictures, cameras, televisions, graphics, and computers.

Purnawati and Eldawi

Punawati and Eldawi stated that the media is anything that can be used to give messages that come from the sender of the message to the recipient of the message, so that the recipient of the message received can influence the feelings, thoughts, and attention of students and create teaching and learning activities.


According to Gagne, media is one type of component that exists in the environment of students and can increase interest in learning.


Sadiman stated that the media contains various kinds of things that are usually used to send messages or information to the recipient of the message, so that the recipient of the message (students) feelings, thoughts, concerns, and interests in teaching and learning activities can run effectively and efficiently.


According to Miarso, media are various kinds of things that can serve to provide messages or information in which the message can affect the attention, thoughts, and desires of students to learn.

Robert Heinich

According to Robert Heinich, media is something that can carry information or messages that occur between the source of the message (source) and the recipient of the information (receiver).


Arsyad stated that the media is something that can be used as an intermediary or sender of messages that come from the sender of the message to the recipient of the message. In this case, Arsyad also said that the media could also be in the form of software (software) or software (hardware).

Ahamad Rohani

Ahmad Spiritual said that the media is something that can be accepted by the human senses and serves as an intermediary, tool, or means in carrying out communication activities or used for the teaching and learning process.

Santoso S. Hamikaya

According to Santoso S. Hamikaya, media are various forms of intermediaries that are often used by someone to spread their ideas so that these ideas can reach the recipient of the idea.


According to Degeng, media is a component related to delivery strategies that can be filled with messages to be conveyed to learning and are usually in the form of materials, people, and tools.

Blake and Horlsen

Blake and Horalsen revealed that the media is a communication channel that is usually used to deliver messages between the source of the message (derived from the sender of the message) and the content of the message (received by the recipient of the message).

From the definition of media that has been expressed by several experts, it can be said that the media is often used by many people, especially to provide information. Information provided by a medium can be well received by the recipient of the message or information as long as the sender and recipient of the message have good communication activities.

Some experts also say that this media is closely related to teaching and learning activities carried out by teachers or educators with students. Therefore, information, messages, knowledge, and insights can be well received as long as the feelings and attention of students can focus on the information provided by the teacher.

Media Function

Media that can be used in various fields, ranging from education, to politics, and much more. There are several functions of the media in general, namely:

1. As a means of information for the community

Every society needs information, because with that information, a person or group of people can increase their knowledge. The function of the media as a means of information makes it easier for people to get information. With just a cellphone, you can get a lot of information. In addition, information can also be obtained through television. The more information people receive, the more insight they have.

2. As a Means for Channeling Ideas and Ideas

The second function of the media is as a means to channel ideas or ideas. Everyone must have ideas and ideas in his mind, so that someone can think creatively. Ideas and ideas that only exist in your head, if you don’t put it into words, then other people won’t know. Currently, there are various kinds of media that can be used to channel ideas and ideas, such as films, short stories, novels, and so on.

3. As a means of education in teaching and learning activities

The next function of the media is as a means of education in teaching and learning activities. In the world of education, the media can be said to be very important to provide information to students, so that teachers will look for learning media that match the characteristics of students and do not bore students when studying. Without learning media, students will have difficulty in capturing or receiving scientific information.

4. As a Means to Get Entertainment

Media not only serves to get information or provide information, but can also function to get entertainment. This function can be said to be able to eliminate the feeling of fatigue being experienced by someone. In general, media that can entertain someone are in the form of movies, music, books, and others.

5. As a Means of Supervising and Controlling Social Activities

The next function of the media is as a means of supervision

as well as controlling social activities. With the media, every member of society is not easy to carry out harmful activities or actions. By reducing harmful actions, it can make a community environment more prosperous.

6. As a Means to Resolve Limitations on the Senses, Space, and Time

Media serves as a means to resolve limitations on the senses, space, and time. Therefore, the existence of the media makes it easy for all people to obtain information. This is because there are many media that can help us to provide information and receive information.

Media Types

After discussing the function of the media, now is the time to discuss the types of media. Media has three types, namely visual media, audio media, and audio visual media.

1. Visual Media

Visual media is one type of media that prioritizes the sense of sight, so usually this media is in the form of images, videos, and so on. In general, the visual media that is often used by many people are projectors and the information that is conveyed to the recipient of the information is also in a visual form.

There are two types of visual media, namely motion visual media and silent visual media. In fact, the two types of visual media can be combined into a single unit. With the visual media, there will be a lot of people who are interested in receiving the information provided. In addition, the material provided on visual media will be easy to understand because it has examples of pictures in the form of facts.

2. Audio Media

Audio media is media that is usually used to broadcast information or messages via voice. Therefore, the sense of hearing becomes a sense tool that is quite important in receiving messages through audio media. Audio media is usually often found on radio broadcasts. However, along with the times and technology, audio media has developed into a podcast.

You can get various kinds of information in a podcast broadcast. Thus it can be said that messages received through audio media have the nature of providing verbal information and providing non-verbal information. Verbal information in the form of words or spoken language. While non-verbal information in the form of vocalizations or sounds.

3. Audio Visual Media

Audio visual media is a type of media that combines visual media with audio media, so that the information provided is in the form of images or videos that have sound. Therefore, not a few people say that this audio visual media is more interesting to see and hear. The merging of these two media not only stimulates one sense tool, but can directly stimulate two senses, namely the senses of hearing and sight.

Audio visual media is divided into two types, namely motion audio visual media and silent audio visual media. We can see motion audio visual media, sound images, films, and others. While audio visual media are silent in the form of sound books, sound pages, and so on.

Media Benefits

Basically, the media has many benefits that can be felt immediately or in the future. However, the main benefit of the media is that it can improve communication relationships between individuals with one another. Here are some of the benefits of media.

1. People can get information faster, so they don’t miss out on information. Information that is increasingly accepted is influenced by the development of technology or the internet.

2. It is easy for the public to provide information because information can be provided via mobile phones.

3. The information provided can be maximized, so that there is no misunderstanding between the sender of the message and the recipient of the message.

4. The message is easy to give to the recipient of the message because it does not take a long time or is more effective and efficient.


Thus it can be said that the media is a tool that generally serves to provide information to other people or to other groups. The information provided can affect the condition of the senses we have. For example, a teacher is using learning media that only focuses on audio or sound, so that the senses of students will immediately receive and listen to the information that has been given.

In general, every medium used to communicate has existed for a long time, but not everyone uses the existing types of media. In other words, a person or group who uses the media only for their needs or needs. So, be wise in using a medium or several media.

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