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Online Platform to Help You During #Studyathome

Timesofummah.comSince there was news of the Covid-19 pandemic entering Indonesia, the government made a new rule, namely to do everything from home, including school. During, the teachers provide learning materials online through video conference calls or with other applications. However, sometimes additional learning resources are also needed to maximize learning. Then what about the learning needs of other students during #Studyathome? Now, there are many online platforms that can help meet your learning needs during #Studyathome. What are the online platforms that can be used? check out this article!


Online Platform to Help You During #Studyathome

Zenius Education is also here to help during #Studyathome by providing access to learning videos for FREE to students, teachers, and parents. In addition to learning videos, Zenius Education also provides a collection of practice questions along with the discussion of a collection of questions.

Teacher’s room

An online platform that can help during #Studyathome also has Teacher’s room. Teacher’s room provides FREE online schools through the Teacher’s room application. Students can follow online every day, like a normal school, but this is in the Teacher’s room application. In this Teacher’s room application, you can install a reminder when class is about to start. If there are students who are left behind, they can access them again after the entire learning session is finished.


Another online platform is Quipper. Quipper also gives Quipper School access to free learning. With Quipper School, teachers can manage student learning, exams, and grades all at once. Students can also access videos, modules, and other collections of exam questions on the website.


The Covid-19 pandemic requires to #LearnAtHome.  answers the learning needs of during #BelajardiRumah in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic through its digital education application called Edutore by Gramedia. Edutore is an application where the contents of online test questions are from grade 1 SD, SMP, SMA, and GENERAL. can access Edutore by going to In addition to practice questions there are also discussions to find out why our answers are wrong and right. Wow, that’s fun. Let’s register and you can get the modules for FREE.

Google Suite Education

Google contributes to helping students and teachers in Indonesia in the learning process, Google provides FREE access to learning through G Suite Education. In this G Suite too, teachers and students can do distance learning through Google Classroom and Hangout Meet which can be used by anyone.

Kipin School

This online platform also provides access to FREE learning with application concepts containing Ebooks, videos, practice questions and reading questions. The material in Kipin School 4.0 is in accordance with the curriculum taught in schools. Because this online platform contains reading books, so it can be accessed by all levels. What distinguishes it from other online platforms, this application can scribble on ebooks like sentence highlights because it is equipped with annotation technology.

Wow, there are also many online platforms that can be accessed to help during #BelajardiRumah. Even though you study at home, you still get learning materials like usual school. As long as the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t over yet, the #Studyathome activity will still be carried out, The spirit of #LearningHome and stay healthy.

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