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Promotional Purpose and Functions: Functions, Types, Benefits

Timesofummah.comIn everyday life, we are certainly familiar with various kinds of promotions, be it the promotion of food products, beverages, toys, and even services with various functions. In the current era, promotion is a solution for business actors or brand owners to introduce their products to people. The purpose of promotion, of course, is to get people to buy their products or use their services.

However, promotion is not only a matter of introducing goods, before doing a promotion it requires planning, observation and funding which really need a lot of careful consideration. Of course, this is done so that the promotion is successful and provides benefits, not even harm and does not have any impact.

Well, in the following we will try to learn, ‘what is the purpose of promotion?’ and ‘how to realize the purpose of promotion?’.

A. Promotional Purpose

Promotional Purpose and Functions Functions, Types, Benefits

In carrying out promotions, the owners of products or services usually carry out promotions with a specific purpose. There are several promotional objectives that you need to know before actually doing a promotion, including:

1. The first promotion goal is to change the point of view

and behavior of buyers towards a product or service. After seeing the promotion of a product, the expectation is that customers who were initially not interested in buying goods or using services become interested and want to buy products or use services.

2. The second purpose of promotion is to form an image or impression

products or services in the minds of customers in accordance with what is expected by the business actor or the owner of the brand. The purpose of this promotion is often known as branding. For the sake of branding or introducing the brand to customers, sellers must use promotions that are interesting and different from the others in order to give an impression to potential customers.

3. The third promotion objective is to compete with competitors

Competition with competitors is a promotional goal that is most often used by various businesses. Promotions are very capable of being used to keep revenue figures stable, even though they have many competitors from a business.

4. The fourth purpose of promotion is to increase profits.

The main purpose of promotion is to get maximum profit or increase profits. If the business actor wants to get an increase in profits. The previous promotion objectives must have been achieved, from changing the point of view, forming the image of a business or branding to maintaining stable income. The success of the promotion process will significantly increase profits. This proves that a business has been able to compete with competitors.

5. The fifth promotion goal is to get candidates

new customer. The real purpose of promotion is not only to change the point of view and behavior of old customers towards products or services. However, the purpose of promotion is also to acquire new customers. In this way, the promotional objectives can be realized by keeping customers believing in the product or service, but also getting new customers.

6. The sixth purpose of promotion is to disseminate information

Steps to disseminate information is the basic goal of promoting a product or service. Promotion also has the aim of providing information to customers regarding products or services. Information that can be shared such as offers at attractive prices or bonuses.

From the six promotion objectives above, it can be concluded that the promotion is carried out with the aim that the perpetrators can increase the numbers in their business by making sales and increasing profits to the maximum.

B. Promotion Function

Promotion is included as one step in building a business. In order to be able to optimize promotional programs that are currently being carried out or which will soon be implemented, business people must first understand the function of promotion. There are several promotional functions that will greatly assist business people in developing their business. The following are five promotional functions that business actors need to know, including:

1. Introducing information about the products or services offered

In carrying out promotions or marketing, business people need to do careful consideration and planning so that they are right in carrying out the promotion that will be carried out. Knowing the promotion function according to business needs will greatly affect the success or failure of a promotional program. Therefore, in an effort to achieve the promotion objectives that have been set, business people must establish an appropriate program or based on the promotional function that they want to implement in the promotion.

For example, a business person wants to carry out a promotional program to introduce a product or service. Promotions that are carried out should be able to explain every ins and outs of the product or service to potential customers. The program of such a promotion function can be highly optimized if it is applied when first launching products and services to the general public. Proper promotional steps range from promotional functions such as placing advertisements in mass media, hiring influencer services to use the product or service, to various other marketing activities that can introduce a product or service to customers widely.

2. Invite potential customers

It’s different if business people want to carry out a promotional function to invite potential buyers. Promotional steps that can be used are such as providing special discounts for products or services.

The selection of products or services will be very decisive, therefore, the selection of products or services must be determined based on the desire to encourage sales figures so as to increase profits to the maximum. However, it’s not just that step, there are many steps or promotional programs that can be applied with the promotion function, provided that the promotional function is adjusted to the most likely situations and conditions to carry out promotions.

3. Maintain the image and impression of the business that is built to remain relevant

Furthermore, business people can perform a promotional function in maintaining the image or impression of a business so that it remains relevant to customers. Efforts to maintain this image and impression are usually not carried out briefly or briefly, it takes consistency so that customers’ business goals are maintained.

However, not only that, in an effort to maintain loyal customers, business people must continue to innovate products in accordance with market wants and needs. This innovative step, on the one hand, can keep customers as well as proof that the business is not losing out in competition with other businesses.

4. Increase the value of the current business

The promotional function that needs to be known again is the way to increase the value of the business. For example, many business actors make environmental promotion programs, one product becomes one tree. Business actors will promise to plant one tree in flood-prone areas as a form of supporting reforestation, meaning that every time you purchase a product, the product will be converted into one tree.

In this promotional program, the business is no longer known only as a business that focuses on profit. However, customers will remember that the business is a business that also supports environmental conservation. Not only that, the expansion of the segmentation will bring customers.

The promotion function which aims to increase added value for the business will provide maximum results if executed properly. Therefore, a business person must first know and understand the added value that can have a positive impact on business continuity.

5. The promotion function is a solution in an effort to simplify other business processes

The next promotion function is as a driver of business activities that are carried out so that they can be optimized at every point in business process operations. This promotional function depends on the business activity that you want to support through a promotional move. By conducting promotional programs, business people can make it easier for the marketing sector to be more creative in innovating new promotional programs and in accordance with market desires. Traditional promotion by relying on word of mouth is also still proven to be effective in forming a business identity that is better known by customers.

C. Types of Promotion

After understanding the purpose and function of promoting a product or service. Next, let’s talk about the types of promotions. Types and ways people do promotions can be done in various ways. The characteristics of a product or service can determine the way and media of its promotion. The following are the types of promotions that we usually see everyday, including:

1. Physical promotion

Physical promotion is usually used in a physical environment. The physical environment is at certain events or events that are generally held in a place such as exhibitions, bazaars, festivals, concerts, and so on. Sellers or business actors usually set up “stands” or “booths” or some kind of small tents that are used to display and market their products or services.

Physical promotion has its own advantages and uniqueness. This type of promotion can meet potential buyers directly to buy the displayed product or also use the services provided. With this promotion method, buyers can also directly see the products or services offered, as well as directly ask questions about these products or services. Meanwhile, the seller or business actor can directly take advantage of the situation and conditions to seduce and persuade potential buyers to buy the product or use the services provided. The uniqueness of this type of promotion is that buyers and sellers can meet directly, so this type of promotion is very widely used until now.

However, this physical or direct promotion also has some drawbacks. This type of promotion has limitations on the number of potential customers because it is only held in certain environments or places such as campuses, schools, offices, and so on.

2. Promotion through traditional media

Promotion through traditional media means a type of promotion that uses traditional media to promote. This type of promotion usually still uses traditional media as a medium to meet potential customers. There are types of traditional media, namely print media such as newspapers, tabloids, bulletins, magazines, and the like. Meanwhile, for electronic media usually use radio and television. Not only that, promotions that are often found outdoors such as banner ads or billboards or billboards are included as a type of traditional media promotion.

Promotion with traditional media has advantages because traditional media has a wide reach and there are still many who like and are interested. In addition, compared to physical promotion using tents at a time, the reach of promotion with traditional media is indeed very broad because it utilizes mass media.

However, behind the advantages, this type of promotion using traditional media has disadvantages because it requires large funds. The funds in this advertisement are usually used to rent radio and television services, billboard providers, and so on.

3. Promotion through digital media

Promotion through digital media can be called the most widely used type of promotion in the current digital era. This type of promotion through digital media means promotions that use the internet and social media or social networks as a place to offer products or services. This promotion is the most modern way to do promotions because it has a wide reach. The influence of technology is very possible for people in cyberspace via cellphones or laptops to see the products or services being promoted.

Now, many business people have started migrating to digital media as a promotional strategy. Promotion through digital media has proven to be very effective in finding potential customers every day and all day long. The purpose of promotion is of course so that digital media users can see who then buys products or uses services. There are more than 2.7 billion people who use the internet worldwide, that’s equal to about 40% of the world’s population, and 67% of all internet users globally are daily social media users.

Promotion through digital media has the advantage of being able to reach people very broadly with efficient time and cost. Not only that, at a further level, promotion through social media can be used as one of the data to make decisions in developing a business or business.

Meanwhile, the disadvantage of doing promotions through digital media is that there are many competitors or competitors who also use this promotion method. The effectiveness and efficiency of this promotion are in great demand by all types of people, from small to medium-sized businesses. In addition, the marketing department is required to be more creative in making promotional programs so that it can attract more consumers than its competitors.

Of the three types of promotions described above, promotion using digital media has proven to be the most widely used type of promotion in today’s internet era. Promotion through digital media is a solution for promotion to be cheaper, more effective, faster, and more unlimited.

D. Promotion Benefits

After understanding various descriptions related to the meaning, purpose, function, to the type of promotion. Next, we will discuss the benefits of promotion for businesses or businesses.

One of the most important benefits of promotion is to increase revenue as much as possible with minimal capital.
Well, here are the general benefits of doing promotions, including:

1. Maintaining Customer Retention and Loyalty Level

Of the many elements, the level of retention and loyalty is one of the most important elements to ensure that the business can continue to run and can be developed to be more advanced. Loyalty level is an element used to explain consumer choices in making transactions with businesses, not competitors’ businesses.

Meanwhile, the retention rate is useful for explaining the consumer’s desire to stay and come back to make transactions in a business. Promotional benefits can be used as a way to ensure customers are satisfied and noticed by a business. The impact is that in the long run, consumers will be loyal to a business brand.

2. Building a Communication Media Between Businesses and Consumers

Communicating with consumers one by one to describe each product or service offered is a fairly strenuous activity. Not only that, in the long term this way of communication will greatly burden the human resources of a business. Promotion is a solution in streamlining human work.

By determining the right promotional program according to the needs and desires of consumers. Business people can build communication media or social media to bring business closer to consumers.

This promotional program can be utilized by business people as well as possible to introduce products or services they want to market, shape business characteristics to be known by consumers in bulk, and convey various information related to business innovations to customers at relatively much cheaper costs. Communicating using social media is very influential on business to make it easier to increase profit margins.

3. Bringing in new customers through old customers

The most influential benefit of promotion is its ability to bring in new consumers to use the product or service of a business. Promotional programs that have been carefully designed and implemented appropriately and then get positive feedback from consumers will produce a magical power, namely the power of words of mouth. Words of mouth can be a powerful way to promote a business.

This magical power makes business actors do not need to spend effort and costs in offering products or services. This is because satisfied consumers will encourage and promote business to new potential customers. One of the keys for a business to grow and survive in the long term is the success of forming a positive impression in the minds of consumers.

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