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Recommended Choice of Good Pet Names – Surely some of you who feel lonely because you are at home during this pandemic want to have friends at home, for example pets, right? Keeping an animal doesn’t have to be a cat or a dog. You can keep other animals, because apparently there are more than ten animals that can be used as pets in your house!

A lot isn’t it? How? Are you curious about what types of animals can be used as pets? Relax, this time we will present several types of animals that can be used as pets. Animals that can be used as pets, namely dogs, cats, mini hedgehogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, ornamental fish, turtles, ornamental birds, otter, rabbits, and many more. So, which type of animal are you interested in?

After you decide what animal you want to keep and have kept the animal, it must then cross your mind to give your pet a name, right? You want to give your pet a name that is good, unique, and of course easy to remember. However, you are confused about what name fits these criteria and your pet? Don’t worry, we have the answer!

The names of the animals that we will give are some that are specifically given to cats or dogs and there are several animal names that can be used by all types of pets according to your wishes and the criteria of your pet.

Recommended Choice of Good Pet Names

Recommended Choice of Good Pet Names

The majority of people who have pets will name their animals according to the physique of the pet. for example, they will give a name based on the color of the pet’s fur or skin, the shape of the pet, where the pet came from, and much more.

You need to know that pets can indeed remember their names. However, we recommend choosing a pet name that has only one or two syllables. Why is that? Because according to research, pets will easily remember their names in one to two syllables, such as Tabby, Pinky, Kookie, Jhonny, Lambo, and so on.

Good Dog Names and Their Meanings

Good Dog Names and Their Meanings

For this first batch, we’re going to give you some great dog names, simple, short, and easy to remember. Here are some dog names that you can give to your beloved dog.

1. Abby

The name Abby has a meaning which means joy or joy. If you have a dog who has a cheerful and spoiled nature, then this name would be perfect for that dog.

2. Archie

The word Archie has a brave meaning. This will certainly give a picture of courage to your beloved dog. What kind of dog was named Archie? There are no specific physical criteria for giving this name. However, if your favorite dog barks easily at strangers, then you can give the name Archie to your favorite dog.

3. Bombom

When you read the word Bombom, you will immediately see that it is big, chubby, fat, and so on. This name would be very suitable given to a dog who has a large and fat body. In addition to the shape and size of the dog that looks adorable, giving the name Bombom to your dog can add a cute impression to your dog

4. Coco

As the name suggests, coco can be interpreted as the color brown. This name is very suitable given to dogs who have brown fur. In addition, the name Coco can also add an elegant impression to the dog.

5. Cookies

The name Cookie is a very universal dog name, suitable for all types of dogs. Cookies themselves have the meaning of sweet biscuits.

6. Cooper

If you have a dog who is very active, always excited, cheerful, strong, and lively, you can give the name Cooper for your dog. Cooper itself has a meaning that fits these characteristics very well, namely the barrel maker.

7. Dexter

You can give your dog the name Dexter if you really trust the dog. the name Dexter itself means right hand or main hand, where that meaning has the meaning of a belief.

8. Maggie

The name Maggie means beautiful like pearl. This name is very suitable to be given to a dog who has a cheerful, pleasant, and polite demeanor.

9. Milo

The next dog name is the name Milo. The name Milo has a very beautiful meaning, which means a brave and gentle warrior. This name would be very suitable to be given to your dog who has a loving personality and is always easygoing.

10. Lucky

Lucky means luck or success. Giving the name Lucky to dogs is usually intended for dogs who have a loyal nature and are very cheerful and happy.

11. Lexi

The name Lexi has a very good meaning! The meaning of the name Lexi is defender of mankind. If you have a dog that faithfully protects you, then it would be very suitable to be named Lexi.

12. Odie

The name Odie itself is a name that appears in one of the films. Odie means protecting and being responsible. It would be very suitable if you name your loyal dog with the name Odie.

13. Rexy

The name Rexy has a very high meaning, which is a king. If you have a dog that looks valiant, then it will be very suitable if you name the dog with the name Rexy.

14. Ruby

The name Ruby has a meaning like a very precious gem and can also be interpreted as a form of a symbol of fertility and prosperity, protection, and passion. This name would be perfect for your dog who loves to protect you.

15. Theo

The term Theo’s name itself has a very beautiful meaning, namely in the form of a gift from God or also a gift from God. With the meaning of a name like that, it can already describe how important this dog is to its owner.

In addition to these fifteen dog names, here we will present some other good dog names that are definitely suitable for your dog, such as Albert, Abriana, Ace, Adela, Adler, Ansel, Argo, Anya, Baldric, Bambi, Berkley, Barney, Buddy. , Bruno, Benito, Blanco, Boulder, Bold, Casey, Candy, Cody, Chester, Chiro, Chiko, Carli, Caldo, Danby, Darcy, Domo, Eddie, Falcon, Ginger, Grace, Hugo, Hana, Hachiko, Hazel, Mia , Minnie, Molly, Momo, Jacky, Jolly, Jayden, Lily, Luna, Lucy, Lucky, Lacy, Lala, Poppy, Sasha, Sammy, Toby, Toro, Tito, Thunder, Ollie, Timmy, Victor, Wooly, Zola, dan many more.

After knowing some good dog names, it’s time for us to present some good cat names that will be very suitable to be given to your pet cat.

Good Cat Names and Their Meanings

Good Cat Names and Their Meanings

For the second batch, we will give some good cat names, cute, adorable, simple, short, and easy to remember. Here are some cat names that you can give to your favorite cat.

1. Anchi

The first name is a cat name that starts with the letter A. The name Annchi can be a very appropriate choice to give a name to your favorite cat. The word Annchi itself refers to the meaning of a peaceful city. By giving this name, it is hoped that your cat will also be as peaceful as it means.

2. Aming

The second name which reads Aming has a very beautiful meaning. The meaning of the name Aming itself is something that shines. This name is highly recommended to be used as the name of your favorite cat, with the hope that the cat can give you deep happiness.

3. Busan

Perhaps most of you are familiar with Busan. Yep, Busan itself is the name of a big city in South Korea. Because the name of the city of Busan has recently been in the spotlight and often appears, we are inspired by the beauty of the city, so we recommend that you give the name Busan to your beloved cat.

4. Brownies

Brownie is the most commonly used name for cats besides Cookie. Brownie can be a very cute name and is perfect for cats, especially brown cats. This name is taken from the name chocolate cake and it tastes very sweet.

5. Paint

The name Cat itself is taken from the English word for cat, namely cat. Naming your cat can be very cute because it can describe a cat who is arrogant, quiet, cold, and very indifferent or indifferent. By giving this name, we guarantee that you will be more excited and feel excited about your cat.

6. Dorito

The name Dorito itself comes from the famous singer named Ed Sheeran. He gave the name Dorito to his favorite cat. Ed Sheeran’s own cat has a plump or fat appearance and is of course very adorable.

7. Fluffy

This one name is a name that can describe a cat that has thick fur well. The name Fluffy itself also sounds very adorable like the cat.

8. Jojo

The name Jojo would be very suitable to be given to a cat who has an unruly nature. Why is that? In general, the name Jojo is often associated with something stubborn, troublesome, and very difficult to manage.

9. Kiko

Kiko is the right name choice that you can give to your cat who has a very adorable behavior. The name Kiko itself is formed from Japanese with a little modification in it.

10. Kinako

Sounds a bit foreign and hard to pronounce, doesn’t it? However, the name Kinako also sounds very unique and is suitable to be used as a cat name. The name Kinako itself has a very strong Japanese aura, so this cat name might be very suitable for those of you who are someone who likes all things Japanese.

11. Kuro

The name Kuro itself comes from Japanese which means black. Thus, this means that this name will be very suitable to be given to your cat who has black fur.

12. Leo

As you know, the name Leo is a name that is very synonymous with a wild animal called a lion. But giving the name Leo to your cat is not wrong. The term or name Leo itself can give the impression and feel like a brave cat.

13. Miko

Miko is a cat name that is mostly given to male breeds of Peranakan cats. This name can give the impression of being masculine, cool, manly, and quiet. In addition, the name Miko is a very simple name and very easy to remember.

14. Niko

Besides Miko, the name Niko is also a name that is quite commonly used to name male cats. This name looks really cool and is perfect for the tomcat you have.

15. Sam

Apart from the two names above, the name Sam is also included in a name that is quite often used to name a cat. This name is very commonly used for crossbreed cats. Even so, this name can still be used for local cats and actually there are no rules in naming cats to be distinguished based on their race.

In addition to these fifteen cat names, here we will present some other good cat names that are definitely very suitable for your pet cat, such as Bella, Kitty, Lily, Charlie, Lucy, Jack, Simba, Chloe, Baby, Sadie, Ziggy , Princess, Salem, Sophie, Shadow, Izzy, Cleo, Boots, Loki, Daisy, Missy, Oreo, Tiger, Lulu, Tucker, Jasmine, Jackson, Pepper, Fiona, Jax, Frank, Romeo, Olivia, Lola, Athena, Teddy , Oscar, Bear, Moose, Pumpkin, Pom Pom, Toto, Piko, and many more.

After knowing the various cat names that are good, simple, easy to remember, and adorable. Now is the time for us to present some names that are suitable for use by all types of pets.

Universal Pet Names and Their Meanings

The following are some of the many universal animal names that we will present to you along with their meanings.

1. Aleta

The name Aleta is a pet name that comes from Latin. This name is very suitable and beautiful to give to your pet. This name is also very suitable for any type of pet. The name Aleta itself means faithful and honest.

2. Bao

The name Bao is a universal pet name of Chinese origin. This name sounds very unique and adorable, of course it will be very suitable if given to your pet at home. This name sounds very suitable for pets like birds. The name Bao itself means a very valuable price.

3. Chiyo

Chiyo’s name is a name that sounds quite unique, right? The word Chiyo itself means a thousand generations, aka praying for our pets to always be healthy and live a long life.

4. Felix

The name Felix itself is a name that is quite commonly used by pet lovers. The name Felix has a very deep meaning in it, namely lucky. The term Felix itself comes from Italian, even though it sounds like it comes from Chinese, right?

5. Gucci

The term Gucci refers to a brand known for its quality and price, yes, the Gucci brand. There’s nothing wrong with naming your pet with a well-known brand name like Gucci. You can give this name with the aim of reflecting the beauty and fashion of the brand.

6. Luigi

The name Luigi is considered the name given as a form of expression of the owner’s affection for the pet. Pet owners, including you, definitely want to give the best for their beloved pets, right?

7. Roxy

The name Roxy itself comes from Persian which means dawn or sun and can be extended to the title Roxanne. This name has a very beautiful and kind meaning, of course it will be very suitable for your pet.

8. Trixie

The name Trixie is a very unique name and is very suitable to be given to pets, both dogs and cats that are owned by you. The term Trixie comes from the Latin word which means joy, good news and happiness. The meaning of the name is very related to how you feel when you have a pet, right?

Well, those are some good, simple, beautiful, and very young animal names for both the owner and the pet to remember. The animal names above can of course be applied to all pets. Eit, but don’t forget to look at the pet and decide which name is the most suitable and appropriate.

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