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These 5 Habits Cause Dementia

These 5 Habits Cause Dementia – These 5 Habits Cause Dementia. Dementia is a condition when a person experiences a decrease in brain performance related to memory. In general, people with dementia also experience a decrease in their memory and thought processes. Well, please note that Alzheimer’s is one of the dementia conditions that is usually experienced by the elderly.

Although not the same as senile dementia, dementia can have similar symptoms. Impaired memory, confusion, difficulty applying appropriate words, always repeating something, and difficulty doing simple things are a series of symptoms experienced by people with dementia.

According to Health Direct Australia, dementia is not only found in elderly people. In fact, there are many cases of dementia that also affect those aged 30 and 40 years. So, what are some habits that can increase the risk of dementia? Come on, see the article.

1. Lazy to think

Okay, this is not a joke. People who are lazy to think, he will have a higher risk of dementia and brain shrinkage. Reported by the University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney), people who are not involved with mental or brain activity during their lifetime, they will experience brain shrinkage doubled in line with age.

In other words, lazy thinking and never using the brain properly, can cause a person to develop dementia and brain damage at a young or old age. Dr. Michael Valenzuela from the School of Psychiatry UNSW explained that the small hippocampus in the brain is a specific risk factor for the emergence of Alzheimer’s, namely activities that involve the mind and the brain will keep the organ healthy.

2. Lazy to read and write

If your job or hobby is writing, it’s great for preventing early dementia. According to a report from Better Aging, a study released in Neurology sheds light on the fact that writing and reading (regardless of education) can prevent the development of dementia.

Active writing and reading will also make the brain always work optimally and it reduces the risk of early senility. So, if you want a healthy brain to grow old, take the time to write and read on the sidelines of your busy life. This simple activity has been proven to be able to nourish the brain and reduce the risk of dementia.

3. Smoking

Smoking is a habit that may be very difficult to stop. In fact, this habit has been carried out by humans since thousands of years ago. However, smoking has been proven to have a negative impact on health, for example the lungs, blood vessels, and cause cancer.

Now, based on research attached to the Alzheimer’s Society’s website, it is found that toxins in cigarette smoke cause inflammation and stress in brain cells and both are closely related to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. So, not smoking is one way to maintain your health.

4. Excessive consumption of meat

There are several types of food that are good for brain health, including sea fish, fruits, nuts and fresh vegetables. Then, what about red meat? Observational studies conducted by scientists and experts state that consuming high amounts of processed meat increases the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Of course we are allowed to eat meat, but in the right amount. This is because meat contains more fat and cholesterol than other animal products, such as fish. So, consume meat wisely and don’t overdo it.

5. Picking your nose

Impressed it doesn’t make sense. However, based on research presented on the Griffith University website, new facts are obtained regarding the relationship between nose picking and dementia. Please note that it is not picking your nose that can cause dementia or Alzheimer’s, but bacteria that can enter through the nasal cavity to the brain.

Bacteria from outside, for example dirty fingers, can enter the brain through the olfactory nerve. If the bacteria gets to the brain, some damage may occur and is generally related to Alzheimer’s. So, consult a medical expert about how to clean the nose that is easy and sterile.

Doing the above habits for a long time will increase the risk of damage to the brain. Cases of dementia, Alzheimer’s and early senility are also increasing from year to year. Come on, do habits that nourish our brains!

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