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Understanding Search Engines: Functions and Kinds

Timesofummah.comWhen one is ignorant of something, the most normal thing nowadays is to use Google apps. Almost all young people who use smart phones or smartphones on a daily basis must be able to do this. For example, using Google to find out about a song title or name to the types of ornamental plants. Google is the fastest and easiest way to search, compared to asking friends who don’t necessarily know the answer.

Why can Google know all the information? What exactly is Google? Well, you need to know that Google is one type of search engine or often referred to in the technology world as a search engine. For people who have studied computer science or worked in digital marketing, they will be very familiar with the term search engine.

The search engine or what is commonly called the search engine is actually not just Google. Besides Google, there are search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and so on. However, Google is the most well-known search engine and the most frequently used by mankind today, with a usage percentage of up to 71, 24% of searches via desktop or computer devices and 92.33% searches via mobile devices.

Well, for those of you who are curious about search engines or search engines. This article will explain about the ins and outs of search engines, ranging from understanding, functions, how they work, to the various types of search engines that exist in the world.

Understanding Search Engines Functions and Kinds

A. Understanding Search Engines

Search engine or when interpreted in Indonesian is a search engine which is basically a web-based program intended to search for information on the World Wide Web (www). Searching for information through search engines can be obtained by adjusting the keywords that the user enters.

The technology of search engines can provide users with the information they want with the best search lists available. The process of generating this information is known as SERP or search engine result page.

Since it was first created, there are lots of search engines in the world today, one of the most famous is of course Google. Users who want to use Google can use various devices they have, from browsers that have smartphones, tablets, computers, and various other browser devices.

Furthermore, after entering the keywords you want to know, the results displayed by fail will not be the same as what is displayed by Bing, neither does Yahoo, moreover the order of the resulting lists. Each search engine uses different algorithms when indexing and collecting data, automatically the results given are not necessarily the same.

In essence, every search engine is equipped with a different system in capturing what you want. The results that will be given by the search engine will be adjusted to the search location, what is being searched for to the desires that the user wants the most. Each search engine uses a unique search system and process that is characteristic of each search engine.

B. Functions of Search Engines

Search engines basically have the main function as a tool to provide information for everyone. When almost everyone uses a search engine, then what are the functions offered by the search engine itself.

When using search engines, users who want or need information only need to enter keywords in the search engine system. Next, various web lists related to the entered word will be displayed to the user. This step is usually referred to in the computer world as crawling or the process of collecting data or indexing.

It can be seen from the first function that has been described, all users can access it via search engines to get any information. Starting from information about the weather, social media, items you want to buy, even various types of goods, provided that they have been loaded on the WWW system.

Discussing the search and sale of a product, search engines are not just a tool that can be used to find information. The current development is also the second function of the existence of a search engine, which can be used to maximize optimizing a business, such as marketing a product.

As the days go by, more and more people are using search engines to maximize and fulfill their daily needs. This is what ultimately gave rise to search engine optimization as a field for doing business online widely. If before the emergence of search engines, someone sold with a range of around and limited. Now, someone can sell with a very wide range.

Currently, users who need an item can directly meet online with other users who sell the item. This transaction activity is no longer limited by region, because everyone can connect using the internet and find it with search engines.

Only with keyword capital, one can get a lot of information about the product that is being wanted and needed. This will ultimately make it very easy for sellers to find out how much of a product they are looking for in an area, so it will be very easy to carry out the advertising process through search engines.

The advertising system provided by search engines is for example like Google Ads from Google. Therefore, at this time, search engines have become one of the tools that have a very important role in human life, from just looking for information to maximizing the marketing of a product outside the region to outside the country.

C. How Do Search Engines Work?

Its very, very important role makes the existence of search engines in almost every element of human life. However, how exactly does the search engine work, and if each search engine has different search results, how does the system work.

Well, although search engines have many kinds and produce different information, basically the way search engines work is no different. In the work system, search engines perform three stages to get search results, which include crawling, indexing and of course creating results.

1. Crawl

In a search engine almost certainly has its own crawlers and search robots. Crawling can basically be interpreted as a process used by search engines, namely bots or spiders. Both search engine processes can be used to visit and download a page and extract links with the aim of finding a particular page.

Pages that are already known to search engines can be included in the crawling process periodically, this is done so that search engines can determine whether there have been changes from the last time on a content. If the search engine finds any changes, it will automatically update the page.

In crawling, search engines will use a number of algorithms and rules. This is done so that search engines can determine how often the inner page is crawled. In addition, search engines can also index how many pages are on the website.

Algorithms on search engines can actually be used to produce relevant and quality searches. Thanks to this algorithm, users can find various information from questions in the form of keywords entered.

2. Indexing

After performing the crawler process in browsing millions of pages on the web, search engines will convert them into a data structure commonly called an index. Indexing or indexing can be understood as the process of finding a URL together with a relevant number according to the form of a given signal.

The signals used in the index process consist of four types, namely, the first type is keywords or commonly called keywords. Keywords found in a web content page can be found based on the discussion of the topic on that page.

Furthermore, the second type is the type of content that has been explored using Schema microdata and the information entered into the page. Meanwhile, the third type is the novelty of the page or the last time it was updated.

Finally, in the fourth type, when was the last time the page was visited by a user or how was the process of interacting with other users using the web page. Users can choose which results are the most relevant from the indexed web and then later affect the next search.

The following are reasons for several cases that can make a URL not indexed by search engines, including:

a. The existence of robots.txt which informs search engines not to visit the page.

b. The absence of an index tag can prevent search engines from indexing the web or similar pages.

c. Search engines provide categorization on these pages because they have low quality or have less content or even duplicate content.

d. An error appears in the URL.

There are several problems that need to be fixed immediately on the page to the web so that it cannot be included in the index process.

3. Ranking

After completing the index process and getting results from many collected URLs, then the search engines will rank. The ranking process means the process of creating a list of results based on the most relevant to the keywords.

When using search engines, the pages that rank at the top are the most relevant search results. It is the same as that search engines believe that the website or page is related to keywords. In setting relevance, search engines rely on an algorithm system.

In its development, almost every year an algorithm undergoes many changes that are adapted and based on what has been obtained so far. For example, currently, every day Google makes updates to its algorithm system.

Each algorithm that is set and used is carried out in order to minimize potential problems. The most easily seen example is the creation of Penguin to deal with spam. Algorithms have evolved and will always be followed by search engine users to maximize and optimize their business goals.

D. Various Search Engines

Google has managed to earn the trust of its users, the quality and results it provides so far have proven its prowess. The algorithm processing engine from Google is known to have the ability to research very well and is able to present very accurate results.

Today, the most user-satisfying and most popular search engine in the world is Google. Google can almost certainly be called the king of search engines, that’s because the number of users is too many. However, apart from Google, did you know that there are other search engines that are also widely used?

1. Bing

The first alternative search engine after Google is Bing. Currently, Bing has users with a percentage of usage via desktop of 2.55% and 12.60% via smartphone. Bing is basically a search engine from Microsoft which was created in 2009. Bing itself was created by Microsoft to stop the dominance of Google.

Bing was originally a combination of three search engines namely MS search, Windows Live search and Live Search. Furthermore, this search engine can automatically be used on Windows PCs.

2. Yahoo

Yahoo is the second search engine after Google which is also an email provider. Until now, Yahoo is in the third rank with market share reaching 2%. From October 2011 to October 2015, Yahoo was under the ownership of Bing. After that, Google also wants to own Yahoo’s market share.

However, in October 2019, Yahoo was finally successfully reacquired exclusively by Bing. Yahoo is actually the default search engine of the Firefox browser which was created in the UK since 2014. According to Alexa, Yahoo is one of the most visited web portals in the world.

3. Baidu

Furthermore, Baidu is a search engine that until now wants to dominate the market with 0.7% users on desktops and 11.8% on smartphones. The search engine, which was built in 2000, is a very popular search engine in China. Although it can be reached almost all over the world, this search engine is a search engine that uses the Chinese language.

Based on the ranking made by Alexa, at this time, Baidu managed to rank 4 as the most used search engine. Baidu itself provides many features such as news, maps, to cloud storage.

4. Yandex

After knowing the search engines from the United States, Britain to China, the next is the search engine from Russia, namely Yandex. Yandex itself is a search engine that dominates the market with 0.45% users on computers and 1.41% on mobile devices.

Based on the ranking made by Alexa, Yandex is a search engine that is in the top 30 most popular websites and is ranked fourth. In Russia, Yandex is the largest and most popular search engine with a percentage of up to 65%. Not only that, Yandex has also succeeded in becoming a presentation from a technology company that makes machine learning products.

5. Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go is a search engine that dominates the market up to about 0.42%. Every day, this search engine is used by 47 million users. Unlike other well-known search engines, Duck Duck Go does not do indexing, but the search engine presents search results from various sources.

This shows that the search engine from Duck Duck Go is not equipped with its own data storage, but still relies on other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. This limitation is what makes Duck Duck Go inferior when compared to Google. However, the advantages of using Duck Duck Go are that it looks clean, does not track users, and most importantly is not filled with ads.

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