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What is Visionary? These are the characteristics and characteristics of people who have them

Timesofummah.comare you a visionary person? Or are you the one who runs things according to what is going on? Many people formulate in advance what they will do. in addition to being more organized, it will also make it easier for you to achieve your goals. However, what does visionary mean? This article will discuss the definition of visionary, the characteristics of visionaries, and the characteristics of visionaries.

Definition of Visionary

What is Visionary These are the characteristics and characteristics of people who have them

Visionary is a perspective that a person has. According to the KBBI, a visionary is a person who has a view or insight into the future. Someone who is visionary has the right strategy for the next step. In addition, they can read the existing potential and synergize it. A visionary is also able to provide motivation about things that should be done for the future.

Visionary words usually refer to a leadership style that a person applies. They see a vision for the future by taking the right steps to make it happen. Visionary leadership means the ability to lead by creating, communicating, formulating, socializing and implementing something. These are ideal thoughts. The thought comes from himself or is the result of social interaction between fellow members or his team.

Someone who leads who applies a visionary way will always look to see what potential a company or organization may have. He will see something that no one else sees. After seeing that potential, then he will create a brilliant idea. These ideas are ideas that allow the company to compete with various kinds of competitors.

Things like that are believed to be able to achieve the goals of the organization in the future. However, of course such ideals must be supported and a commitment from each member. So that the goals can be achieved properly.

According to experts

1. Danim and Suparno

Danim and Suparno (2012:6) state that a vision is more than just an idea or picture of a better future for an organization. True vision is an idea full of power. The power is urgent, namely the start of the future by relying on an ability and skill.

In addition, talent and natural resources are also needed to make it happen. Personally, a visionary man will be able to give birth to ideas that have influence. Besides being influential, these ideas can also inspire creative people to turn educational ideas into something real.

Talented and policy-making people will always want to be among leaders who have actions that show them where their goals are going. This is realized by providing a vision of how tomorrow will be better.

2. Bush and Coleman

Bush and Coleman also expressed their views on what a visionary is. According to Bush and Coleman (2008:36), vision is a chosen future, a desired state to be experienced. Vision is an expression of optimism for the environment. The environment can be bureaucratic or non-bureaucratic.

3. Sinamo and Santosa

Sinamo and Santosa (2012:217) also gave their opinion. According to them, vision is a tool in the hands of a leader. This is useful so that it can forge alliances and can form a alignment of goals through all its constituents, like a vector beam that has the same direction to reach its target. A clear visionary leader will be more capable or able to empower all his constituents.

The visions expressed by these experts are believed to be able to help a leader to focus an energy so that the organization can succeed. Based on the visionary understanding of the experts, conclusions can be drawn. Visionary is an idea and an innovation that is carried out or planned for the future. The idea or innovation is designed to make the organization or company even better. In addition, in order to achieve its goals properly.

Characteristics of Visionary People

1. Be responsible

Having a high sense of responsibility is part of being a visionary person. Every step taken and the ways to make it happen must be accompanied by a sense of responsibility embedded in him. When he gets a challenge, he will give full responsibility for what is being done.

It is intended that these challenges can be passed smoothly. In addition, it is also for the sake of realizing ideas or ideas that have been planned from the start. Responsibility is something that needs to be embedded in visionary people.

2. Dare to take risks

Every time you make a decision, there must be a risk behind it. Likewise when making an idea or ideas. Risk will always be behind the idea or ideas that will be made. Someone who is visionary will always dare to take all the possibilities and risks that will occur.

That’s because every change that is made certainly has risks that must always be accepted and faced. If someone who is visionary does not dare to take risks, then the ideas or ideas that have been made will be in vain. It will not be done well and can even fail to be done.

3. Optimistic

Optimism is a trait that is always inherent in someone who is a visionary. Sometimes, someone who is visionary will assume that all the ideas and ideas that have been made will run smoothly. All problems will be passed well.

That’s what makes him become optimistic automatically. However, this optimism is not a bad thing. The feeling of optimism that we have can be transmitted to the surrounding environment so that we can both be optimistic.

4. Consistent

If you are consistent in carrying out what has been planned, then the goals to be achieved will go well. Consistent is an attitude of not changing and sticking to what is being done. Through a strong consistency, all ideas and ideas that have been made will feel much lighter. This consistent attitude is one of the attitudes possessed by visionaries.

5. Honest and candid

Someone who is visionary must have integrity. Integrity is a trait, quality or condition that shows a unified whole so that it has the potential and ability that radiates authority, one of which is honesty. Someone who is visionary will put forward an honesty. They will act as they say. And stick to what has been said.

Saying honestly and being honest is a form of explanation, that we are people who are always open. Other people will see that we do not cover up the actual condition because it is what it is. Such things are the attitude of a visionary person.

This ebook is intended to motivate young people to be more enthusiastic about the future. At the beginning of the book, it is told what the ideals and vision for the future are, then the integrity and totality of human beings are presented.

Characteristics of Visionary People

1. Good at having a good relationship

Having a good relationship is one of the characteristics of a visionary person. Establishing a good relationship should start from now. Maintaining good relations with various parties will also be beneficial. These benefits can be felt for themselves and for the company.

Building a trust between various parties will help make it easier to realize the vision that has been determined. When we have gained trust, it will be easier for us to explore what people really need the most. Necessities that make life easier.

2. Can build a value

Building and shaping a value is also a characteristic of someone who is visionary. Someone who is visionary must be able to give confidence to the people who will work with him or with his company. Must be able to convince that working with us is not wrong.

In addition, there must also be beliefs and evidence that make others feel that they benefit from working with us. Instilling values ​​that are beneficial to both parties is one thing that is needed between the company and its members.

3. Able to overcome obstacles

Obstacles are something that will always be in the business. Various obstacles will be passed on the way to a good goal. Someone who is visionary can certainly overcome the obstacles that may be passed. Obstacles can be likened to friends for them. If you think of obstacles as friends, then obstacles will be easy to overcome.

A visionary leader will work with his team in overcoming obstacles. They will arrange ways so that obstacles can be resolved properly. In fact, they will come up with other ideas or ways so that these obstacles do not happen again in the future.

4. Can think critically

Critical thinking is also one of the characteristics of a visionary person. Critical thinking is an ability to think clearly and rationally. Thinking about what to do, or what to believe. Critical thinking is a process, where a person must be able to make logical or reasonable judgments. In addition, someone who thinks critically must think carefully.

Critical thinking will help a person become more visionary. Someone who thinks critically will be more open-minded. Will see everything from various directions and the various possibilities that exist. This will cause the perspective to be wider.

5. Can think dynamically

Visionary people also tend to think dynamically. Dynamic thinking is thinking full of confidence. Someone who thinks dynamically will pursue various goals that have been set with passion. They will really love a variety of challenges.

Dynamic thinking makes them always accept arguments objectively. In addition, discussion is a very liked thing. Dynamic thinking is thinking that has been embedded in the minds of visionaries.

6. Able to perform risk management

Someone who is visionary will be able to do risk management. That’s because they have thought things through carefully. Risk management is a process that requires us to identify and analyze an event. After that, evaluation and control of something is carried out.

The next step is to avoid something bad happening again. And minimize the possibility of bad happening. In fact, if necessary will take steps to eliminate risks that are difficult to accept. This risk management will help the team and the company if they experience a problem that causes losses.

7. Have a systematic plan

Someone who is visionary must have prepared a plan and goals for the future. Before that, of course, must be accompanied by a clear understanding of the reasons for making these goals. Making something according to his ability is also a more comfortable thing.

When carrying out planning, do not demand to be successful within a certain time. Doing little by little will be more effective. In addition, it will make goals easier to achieve.

8. Have investment savings

Having a savings account is one of the things that visionary people often do, this is because they understand the possibilities of a financial crisis that can happen to anyone at any time.

According to him, saving in large or small amounts but on a regular basis is a good thing. This will help to avoid any bad luck that could happen. Visionary people don’t just prepare something or an idea about their way of life. But also financial problems that do not forget to be prepared.

9. Helping others grow

Success is the result of constant effort. However, behind that success there must be people who are involved in it. The people who helped out must also be doing something well.

Someone who is visionary will certainly help the people beside him to develop. This is also done to help facilitate ideas or ideas. Making sure everyone is working on their respective duties is also something that needs to be done.

10. Focus on results

Focus on results is the hallmark of a visionary person. How do you make what you are doing goes well? Many answers can be given to this question. Visionary people are always focused on the results they want to get. Visionary people will show that focus on results is the most important thing.

11. Inspire or motivate

Motivation and inspiration is one of the keys to a person’s success. Directing someone to be better is also one of the steps needed to achieve the goals that have been set. Some people usually spend time directly involved in what their team is doing.

They provide tips and their vision to create an enthusiastic atmosphere. So that the commitment within the team will be maintained. These small steps can be an inspiration and motivation for the team. In addition, positive things like this will encourage the team to be even better.

12. Likes to experiment

Experimenting is something that visionaries often do. For them, experimentation is the thing to do. Experimenting will let them know how strong the idea or ideas will be formulated.

In addition, experimenting will also let them know how far the idea or ideas can be implemented. Through experimentation too, visionary people can remake new ideas or ideas. These new ideas or ideas can be used for the future.

Of course, the experiments carried out must be in accordance with the objectives to be applied. Even though they like to experiment, what they do is still considered how the results will be. Someone who is visionary will not immediately experiment without careful planning.

That’s some information about visionaries. Being a visionary person does require all the preparation. However, people who have a vision will find it easier to achieve their goals.

Find interesting things about visionaries and other ideas that can help you achieve your goals.

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