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What to Do If the Condom Tear or Leak

What to Do If the Condom Tear or Leak – What to Do If the Condom Tear or Leak. Condoms are the only physical protection capable of preventing not only conception, but also sexually transmitted diseases. Using it can be protective for you and your partner. However, what to do if the condom tears?

Of course, its effectiveness will decrease. Instead of panicking, here’s a ‘mitigation’ that you need to do when you find a broken condom, either before or when you use it.

Causes of broken condoms

In production, the durability of condoms has been tested in such a way that manufacturers are able to present products that are truly safe. However, do not rule out the risk of broken condoms. Whether due to production, distribution, or due to storage.

Excessive heat and friction are two things that are the ‘enemies’ of condoms. Indirectly, high temperatures cause the quality of condoms to decrease, as well as remove the lubricant that is in the product.

As a result, the condom becomes dry so that even when used it is prone to tearing. This also applies when the condom is exposed to oil or other chemicals that weaken the condom.

In addition, excessive friction also increases the risk of the condom breaking. For example, when storing condoms in a purse or other areas that are frequently opened and closed.

Other reasons why condoms break include their shelf life. Products that have been in the box for a long time may experience a change in quality and become dry.

The cause of a broken condom can also be due to wrong use. Including selecting a size that is too small, opening a condom with a sharp object such as teeth or scissors, and using it without sufficient lubricant.

What to do if the condom tears?

A broken condom is sure to cause panic. Hot moments can turn sultry. This is indeed a serious condition, especially if you are not planning a pregnancy or sex with a partner with a sexually transmitted disease.

However, there are some safeguards you can take. Take a deep breath, understand your condition, then take action as described in the following Very Well Health.

1. Stopping sex and discharge

First, you need to identify when the condom started to break. If you find out before sex starts, you should replace it with a new product.

However, if penetration has occurred, try to find out if you or your partner have ejaculated. In addition, also check whether there are condom particles left on the penis, in the vagina, or rectum.

If the condom breaks inside after ejaculation, chances are there has been an exchange of semen or other bodily fluids. If so, try to get as much semen out of the vagina or rectum as possible.

After that, do the cleaning using running water. Avoid douching as it can wash away the vaginal’s natural bacteria and cause irritation.

2. Visit the health service

If you are unsure about your partner’s (or your own) health status, it’s a good idea to visit a health service immediately. You can explain what happened to the officers on duty at the Emergency Unit (ER) so that they get proper treatment right away.

You and your partner may get a rapid test to find out if you have a sexually transmitted disease, especially HIV/AIDS.

Even if the test results are negative, the doctor may still give antiretrovirals as a form of anticipating transmission. The drug is usually prescribed for 28 days and must be taken continuously. After that, the doctor may ask to do more complete tests.

Consumption of these drugs is a form of prevention called HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP). Reported by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, this effort must be given within 24 hours after exposure to fluids, and is effective when done less than 72 hours.

3. Prevent pregnancy

While anticipating the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, you can also ask medical staff regarding pregnancy prevention. The nurse or doctor may suggest several options.

This includes using emergency birth control pills or commonly called morning pills. In addition, you can also insert an IUD into the uterus in less than 5 days to prevent fertilization.

Emergency birth control pills are a class of progestin contraceptive drugs. This medication works by affecting the body from releasing a potentially fertilized egg. Emergency birth control pills are recommended and effective when taken as soon as possible after fluid exchange.

The IUD is a T-shaped device made of copper that releases small amounts of minerals into the body. The copper IUD prevents pregnancy by making it harder for sperm to reach the egg. This tool is effective if paired by a doctor at least 5 days after fluid exchange.

How to keep condoms from tearing

It is permissible to provide condoms in a storage area so that they can be easily obtained when needed. However, you need to pay attention to how to store and use condoms.

Here are tips you need to follow to maintain the quality of condoms:

  • Avoid using expired condoms or those that have been stored for a long time. Especially if stored in a hot and dry place, such as a car drawer or wallet
    Don’t double up on condoms. Some might argue that double condoms can improve pregnancy prevention. On the other hand, this risks increasing friction
  • which triggers tearing
  • Avoid using oil-based lubricants when using condoms, such as Vaseline. Instead, choose a water- or silicone-based lubricant that’s safe for condoms
  • Avoid spermicides that contain nonoxynol-9. Besides being harmful to condoms, these compounds can also irritate vaginal and rectal tissues
  • Choose the right size condom. Condoms that are too small cause strong friction and discomfort, while those that are too large run the risk of the condom slipping off
  • Never use a used condom! Condoms are single use.

Minor damage to the condom can be difficult to detect. To find out, pay attention if there is seminal fluid coming out of the condom in the part that should be closed, launch Planned Parenthood.

If the condom tear remains in the vagina or rectum, you can remove it with a clean finger if it feels comfortable. If not, you can ask a medical officer to help remove it.

Remaining calm is the main action in answering what to do if the condom tears. Get medical help as soon as possible to reduce the potential for pregnancy and the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases.

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